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10 Creative Landscape Pathway Lighting Ideas

Creative Landscape Pathway Lighting Ideas

I love looking for creative products, and pathway lighting has been a hot topic in our household. My husband and I have been planning to change our fixtures to more modern and functional units. When looking for these lights, I have come across many tips that can also help you.

I found some lights that will not break the bank. When you purchased your fixtures start by mapping out your project to prevent any issues along the line. Next, determine the number of fixtures required and where they need to be, then figure out where you will place any transformers.

Most outdoor fixtures are made up of common materials of either brass or aluminum; brass does not corrode or rust but usually comes at a premium price. Similarly, aluminum will inevitably have corrosion issues over time but will come at a lower price point.

Next, you’ll need to choose your color temperature this choice comes down to personal preference. But 2700K is the most commonly used as it resembles the look of standard incandescent bulbs. There are various lighting applications and scenarios that require specific fixtures.

However, to get the job done, wall washing is an excellent way, or down lighting can illuminate objects on the ground. Pathway lights help guide the way by installing ground lights in heavy traffic areas.

Most of the images are from Instagram. So if you are the owner and will like me to take the pictures, please contact me.

Creative Landscape Pathway Lighting Ideas

1. Increase The Beauty Of Trees

pathway lights

2. Add Lighting to Outdoor Decor

tree uplighting

3. Inbetween Trees

pathway beautiful spotlights

4.Pathway Lights On Ice

Lights on ice

5. Add Some String lights

String lights in pathway

6. Uplighting Helps

Tree spotlights

7. Hide the Lights

lighting in tree

8. Simple But Effective

pathway lighting

9. All In A Row

spot light in pathway

10. Traditional Is The Way to Go

Traditional spot light


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