6 Black And Gold Desk Lamps For All Budgets

I am excited to share some of my favorites black desk table lamps with you. As many of you know, it can be difficult to find the perfect lamp that speaks to both forms of functionality and is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Lamps are a fixture in any home. When you’re changing your decor seasonally, lamps will be one of the few decorations that stay put and continue to make an impact. So, it’s important not to skimp when purchasing any accent piece- if there’s a lamp out there that will give your home that added facelift then don’t hesitate to buy it.

That’s why I’ve curated a variety of fixtures from different price points. So that no matter what budget you’re on, there’s something for everyone.

How many lumens for a desk lamp?

For most people, it is between 450 and 800 lumens. But if you’re doing delicate work like repairing or designing, we recommend 1100 for better performance in your tasks.

The brightness of a lamp depends on the task at hand: some require around 450 while others need more than 1100 to get their job done effectively.

My Top Ten

Aerial Table Lamp- Gold

This Celestial Aerial Table Lamp offers a sophisticated take on the traditional table lamp design. The sleek, modern silhouette has rings that create an uncluttered geometric pattern perfect for any home. With a round base, it provides a soft hue for over your desk and has energy-efficient capabilities. Further, choose between warm brass or cool antique nickel finishes to match your sense of style.

Laurel Accent Table Lamp

I love this funky and functional LED lamp. It is perfect for nightstands, desks, or end tables. The practical features are not to go unnoticed either; it has integrated LEDs to reduce eye strain and precise adjustable lighting to cater to all your needs.

Luna Bella Table Lamp

Looking for a lamp that will stand out in your home decor? If so, then this incredible antique brass table lamp by NOVA of California is perfect. It comes with an attractive weathered look and steel body that elegantly blends into any modern or contemporary style.

Ibis Table Lamp

The IBIS table lamp is a stylish way to keep your workspace bright and well-lit. Inspired by the gracefully angled design of Ibis birds wading in Bollana Creek, this modern desk lamp offers an elegant look for any home office or workspace with its USB charging port and a power outlet built into the base.


The One Light lamp is a contemporary fixture with a simple design and hand-made shade that rotates direct light. Its sophisticated matte black finish adds style while gold accents create an elegant aesthetic.

LED DESK LAMP- by Adesso Home

The Lucas LED Desk Lamp is the latest in a line of high-tech, innovative products that redefine classic with its sleek design. You can adjust the color temperature to suit your mood or environment at any time of day through 6 different settings – all controlled from an easy touch button located on the base. This lamp combines modern engineering and technological advancements into one stylish package perfect for anyone looking for style and functionality.

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