6 Vintage Farmhouse Lamps For A Living Room

If you are looking for a table lamp with a beautiful farmhouse appeal? Then look no more, here are some you will love. A farmhouse table lamp creates a whimsical sense of warmth in your room.

They not only light up your home, but they also create ambient space for conversation. Lighting is such a powerful component in a living room. I love farmhouse table lamps, and floor lamp. They hold a special place in my heart as it offers such a vintage touch.

You will enjoy the neutral design look that they bring to a living room. Speaking of your living room in my last post, I shared some tips on living room arrangements. I had fun collecting all of the information needed. Here is a list I have handpicked all are affordable, and you can mix and match to add dimensions.

Dungoo Farmhouse Table Lamp

This authentic table lamp is a relic of a beautiful structure. It has all the stylish presence you’d expect from a farmhouse design. It features a dual charger for mobile and tablets.

Similarly, this lamp has a good weight for easy maneuver when rearranging your living room. The two shades of cream with a darker color brown offer a stylish look.

Other advantages include detailed instructions and compatibility with any bulb you choose.

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Signature Design by Ashley Table Lamp

Signature Design by Ashley

The Mair Poly table lamp is one of the best table lamps you can buy because it has all the features required for a farmhouse feel. You are getting two lamps, and it’s from a credited store. As a result, you know these beauties are of high quality. They are easy to assemble and is ideal for your bedroom and home workroom.
Customers often complain of the color as these lamps are not true to the description by the seller. It is also lightweight, giving a vintage appearance that cleverly gives the perfect amount of light.

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Franklin Iron Works Farmhouse Lamps

Cheap table lamps

A table lamp that saves you table space for books and other accessories. Although other lamps have a farmhouse style, Franklin’s lamps perform best.

The table lamp not only has a timeless steel design but also only requires a standard medium-sized basic bulb with a maximum of 150 watts. However, it is not included with your purchase.

The Franklin Ironwork is on the expensive side, but you are paying for quality and that what you are getting in return. Plus, this lamp offers greater functionality than a simple table lamp.

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Simple Designs Farmhouse Table Lamp

white table lamp

If you’re looking for a new lamp that’s different from your usual color- Simple Design lights are worthy of your consideration.

It may not look like a traditional table lamp, nor is it big, but its whitewashed ridged ceramic base has an alluring appeal. It is one of the cheapest options on the list and is awaiting a new home.

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Oneach Table Lamps Set of 2

white washed table lamps

As Farmhouse table lamps continue to grow in popularity for your living room, the Onreach is a perfect combination of looks and affordability.

The minimal design it provides can match any style of your room and is very suitable for other places such as bedrooms.

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HiiARug Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps 

Farmhouse lamp shade

I can’t take how cute these farmhouse style lamps are. It’s a bargain as you are getting two for one price. In addition, if you are looking for features, these are the best options. HiiARug Rustic offers oatmeal color, which can be integrated with any living room design. It is super easy to install and is made of durable and lightweight materials.

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Things To Consider Before Arraging Your Farmhouse Lamps

  • Height: For floor versions, if you are using a console floor lamp, the lower edge of the shade should be at eye level. Torchieres, arc lamps and track trees should be taller, however, try not to block your view of artwork or other decoration in your living room. Furthermore, when you are using a combination of table and floor lamps in your room, you must keep the tops within a few inches of each other.
  • Size: Most floor lamps are narrow, so they can be easily placed behind furniture and in narrow spaces. However, if you’re using an adjustable swing arm or arc floor lamp, be sure that the arm can fit behind your sofa and chair.
  • Style: Their primary objective when buying an accent table lamp is to improve a room’s interior design theme. Accent lamps have a wide range of features, and it’s esthetic is your main concern.
  • Price: First the price, some table lamps may seem affordable, but they don’t come with bulbs. Furthermore, others come with charging port which is convenient especially if you don’t have a socket nearby.

The best farmhouse table lamp for you depends on your budget and style, so there somethings you’ll need to look for before shopping.

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