8 Tick Tok Inspired Lighting For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the best place to rest, or if you are a teenager, make great videos. Many people use social media as an outlet or escape in their lives – but now some apps make this process even easier than ever, bringing those escapes into real life through creativity and innovation.

One such app is Tiktok, which offers lots of video content on DIY projects, from self-care to decorating tips and tricks. Whether you’re adding color, changing the lighting, or adding a few accessories here and there, these TikTok room decorating ideas can help you create the perfect environment of your dreams.

The Galaxy Night Light & Cloud Roof

The Galaxy Night Light Projector is the perfect addition to any room looking for that little something extra. The projector projects an amazing galaxy effect on your ceiling and walls, with six different color options as well as music that can be played in sync or separately to this light show. You won’t believe how great it looks until you buy one yourself- trust me.

The Cloud Room- If you feel like the walls in your room are too plain and boring, then LED Cloud Walls might be what you need. These fun DIY projects only require a few materials that will transform any wall into something extraordinary. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make it yourself.

Fairy Lights And Standing Mirrors

Fairy Lights-The next time you want to decorate your room with fairy lights, don’t just go for the regular ones that are available in most stores. Instead, check out these white curtain fairy lights from Amazon. These super cute baby blue stars will add an aesthetic touch to any bedroom while creating a fun mood in the room they occupy.

Standing MirrorsStanding mirrors are great to put in your room as decoration and even better for taking selfies. If you want to take cute photos of yourself, use one! You can also add some garlands or fairy lights around it if that’s what makes the photo on TikTok more aesthetically pleasing. They also provide some natural light in your room.

Garlands & Striplights

Garlands- Garlands are a great way to add some color and texture to your space. It’s also an easy DIY if you feel like adding some yourself! You can find garland poles at any store or even make one yourself out of PVC pipe. Just wrap the surrounding vine until there’s no wire left on each side, then tie it with zip ties for extra thickness.

Strip lights Strip lights are perfect for setting the mood in any room. Depending on your needs, you can adapt these versatile devices to different scenarios – from soothing and relaxing colors for meditation sessions or reading with loved ones, to an exciting party atmosphere thanks to dazzling strobe effects that pulse different color combinations at different intervals.

Neon Lamps And Wall Art

One of the most endearing features in a TikTok room is the neon signs. The color, size, and design all help to create an atmosphere that gets you in the mood for bedtime. Neon lights have many other functions besides decorating your room. They provide dim, colored light that is an excellent night light.

Wall art is an amazing decor that can tie any room together, and TikTok rooms are no exception. Common styles you’ll find in these rooms have light blue, pink, and purple color schemes. If you need some wall ideas for your account posters – retro wave/vaporwave or vintage-inspired designs are just what you need. Similarly, you can add some string lights to the edge of the posters to make them more appealing.

TickTok rooms are all the hype these days and with the tips above you can make your room pop.

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