Are wall sconces outdated?

Wall sconces are a popular home decorating trend. Many homeowners use wall sconces to provide light for various purposes, such as ambient and accent lighting.

Similarly, these beautiful fixtures have long been a staple in the décor of many homes and businesses. However, some people believe that wall sconces are a dying style.

While sconces are one of the oldest fixtures, they are not outdated. In fact, it provided the best lighting for my niece’s bedroom.

Last year, my niece wanted to get rid of her nightlight because she is getting older. However, she is afraid of sleeping in the dark. So I brought her these beautiful flower wall sconces which give off a soft hue. Hence, it made her feel older and offer a stylish element to her room.

Apart from this, there are many advantages of using wall sconces. These include an excellent choice for ambient lighting, complement your room’s overall design, provide some task lighting in your bathroom, and highlighting artwork or family portraits.

Simple Design But Stylish

Wall sconces use simple designs and are available in various types of styles. Therefore, they are easy to find at popular online stores or lighting showrooms.

Their smaller sizes make them the perfect choice for closets, hallways, and entryways. Wall sconces are not meant to be permanent, so don’t expect your wall sconces to stay put. This is not a bad thing, because you can easily move them if you don’t like the placement.

One downfall is they do not offer sufficient illumination for high-traffic areas or rooms with active traffic flow. For example, if you have a children’s play area in your home and want to add lighting. Don’t expect wall sconces, to give enough light for everyone by themselves. Thus, it is best to combine them with general lighting to illuminate your entire room.

wall sconces by bathroom

Plug-in Options

Plug-in wall scones make installing your fixture easy because you don’t have to hard-wire them into your wall. More importantly, if you don’t like the placement of your lamps, you can always move them to any area of your choice or where a socket is present.

There are also plug-ins with dimmers attachment so you can adjust your lighting from ambient to task with ease. Here is an excellent plug-in wall sconce for your home, which I love to recommend. This is an amazing functional lamp with a white interior shade that provides optimal lighting. Plus, you can swing both the head and arms. This is a feature you don’t see in many sconces. Moreover, if you are looking to purchase one yourself, you can take a look here.

Why Choose Wall Sconces?

  • They add a design element to your room and highlight artwork, house plants, and sculptures.
  • Great for corridors and pathways or any narrow area of your home. Outdoor-rated sconces offer security and have PIR detectors that turn on the lights whenever you are in your yard. This feature saves energy and acts as an alarm whenever burglars are present.
  • One of my favorite places to add sconces is above my bed. This sconce alignment is perfect for reading.
  • Because sconces are positioned on the walls they don’t get in the way like floor lamps.

How Do You Update An Outdated Wall Sconce? Painting is a great way to change the appearance of any old sconces. There are other options you can do these include: adding flowers, changing the shape of the bulbs, cleaning, and adding candles.

Where do wall sconces go?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect sconce for your space, it’s time to consider where it belongs. Generally, I like to space sconces 6-12 inches apart, as sconces that are too low don’t give enough light, and sconces that are too high make the room look smaller. If the sconces are too close together, they can create a dark and cramped feeling in the room.

The bedroom – It’s a great place to add sconces, especially if you need them for nighttime reading. Place them at least 5′ off the floor or wherever works best for you. Since every bed is different, comfort is an important factor when it comes to placement. Ideally, make sure the sconces are easy to reach in case you need to adjust the lighting.

Bathroom – The bathroom is a popular place for sconces and looks great in both modern and minimal designs. Most often, sconces are placed on each side of the mirror to help with tasks.

It is best to install them 60′-65′ off the floor, so they are at eye level to avoid glare and harsh light.

Entryway – Consider installing sconces in the entryway as they provide both a design element and functionality. Depending on the size of the hallway, multiple fixtures may be needed.

How many Wall lights do I need in a room?

One fixture every eight to ten feet is sufficient. But if you have a larger space with higher ceilings, you can install the fixtures closer together; so they don’t form an awkward-looking line on your wall.

Wall sconces are an acquires taste, but I can assure you these fixtures are not outdated. Many people still use them in their homes. Because they are an older fixture, you don’t have to settle for vintage or even industrial style. There are hundreds of modern sconces that will complement your room decor

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