The Best Color Temperature For Bathroom Lighting

Nowadays the bathroom is getting more luxurious than ever- homeowners are changing the way they view this room. They are finding many ways to add that “wow” factor to a place that is a washing area. One of the most important ways they are doing this is by lighting.

But before you rush to pick out lighting fixtures for your bathroom, consider the color temperature and accuracy. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin, and the color accuracy is calculated in CRI of your different fixtures. A color temperature in the 3200K range is best for your bathroom as it appears warm and is perfect for creating a relaxing space.

Whereas lights in the 6400K appear cool and are ideal for task lighting. Moreover, lights with low CRI lighting can make your skin and other colors look unnatural. So opt for lights that have the highest CRI rating available.

 What’s the Color And Temperature In Your Bathroom?

color temperature in bathroom

The concepts of color temperature are very straightforward: it is explained when a solid body is heated, it emits visible radiation. The color of the light emitted is determined by the temperature of the object.

This color temperature is used to describe the white tone of a bulb and is measured in Kelvin. So, if you have a bulb in the 2700K to 2800 Kelvin, it will display a yellowish-white color. While a bulb that ranges around 5000K gives off a white hue.

Therefore, the lower the color temperature is, the warmer and reddish the color of the light will be. On the other hand, the higher the color temperature is the cooler and more blueish the light will look.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 

Green color in bathroom

The color rendering or CRI shows how vibrant the object in your bathroom will look under the light source. A CRI of 80-100 will display colors more accurately, hence incandescent bulbs that have a CRI of a hundred will have a smooth reproduction of light.

Traditional fluorescent light that has a CRI of 50 will often have a green or magenta color cast. Compared to LEDs which are available in high CRI ratings will produce lights evenly across the spectrum. Hence, choosing a lighting fixture with a high CRI can give you a good sense of the overall quality of your bathroom lights.

Tips For Lighting Your Bathroom

Different lighting in bathroom
  • To achieve great lighting for your beauty and grooming area, use LEDs mirrors and mounted lights to illuminate those areas evenly. Be careful not to place down lights above vanity mirrors as it can emit unpleasant shadows on the face.
  • Have dimmers in your bathroom helps you to adjust lights to better suit your mood.
  • Ambient lighting is another way to make your bathroom feel comforting and inviting. Amplifying natural lighting with ceiling mounted down lights is an excellent option. However, you can utilise pendant, chandeliers and LED mirrors for a boost of creativity.
  • Color schemes and lighting go hand in hand, having areas in your bathroom with a dark shade can be a bold and dramatic look. But balance dark with light colors. For instance, a white ceiling can make your bathroom look bigger and give a dark bathroom life.
Scrones lights in bathroom

There you go, color temperature is an important factor to consider when planning your bathroom lighting. However, focus on CRI and these general lighting tips to get the best out of your room.

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