What Are The Best Dimmable Plug-In Wall Sconces?

With the use of a plug-in wall sconce, you don’t have to hard-wire the fixture to your wall. You’ll find that plug-in lights make designing super easy as you can transfer your lamps to wherever suits you best. Combined with dimmers, you can adjust the brightness of your fixture to cater to your mood or setting.

What I love about scones is they are available in a variety of styles and can upgrade the home with both lighting and appeal. However, when mounting your sconces you’ll want to make sure the lamps you chose have an appropriate cord to meet the closest available socket since you don’t want extension cords trailing all over the house.

Choosing a wall sconce with dimmers is one of the greatest things you can do when buying fixtures. Apart from full lighting powers, dimmers have several other advantages. Dimmers can help extend the longevity of your fixtures while still lowering your energy demands by reducing the wattage used by a connected fixture. Now, that you know the benefits of dimmable plug-in wall sconces here, are some of my favorites.

LIGHTESS Dimmable Wall Sconce Plug

The Inhdbox Dimmable Plug-In Sconce is an elegant fixture that blends into any room design. With the overflow of light from above and below the fixture, you can quickly add both accent and ambient lighting to your room.

This plug-in lamp is easy to power and operate, with dimmable features, and the aluminum construction is long-lasting and durable. The lamp comprises a 6ft cord offering enough length to plug in the far socket or hide. Add a pair above your bed and hallway as it provides you with 3000k of functional lighting.

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Eleven Master Stores Dimming Wall Sconces

This Sconce has an accentuated double flare feature with a touch of vintage appeal. The double-jointed arm moves both horizontally and vertically for optimum lighting and positioning. The black finish ensures an elegant appearance that blends in with every room or decor theme.

This fixture does not have dimming features but you can add a smart bulb and it also doesn’t need hard-wiring. For better results, the manufacturer suggests using no brighter than a 110-240V bulb. With a reach of 7.3 inches, this arm sconce can be used for reading, near a desk, or above your bed. Their customer service operates quickly and if you have any problems with your lights, you can always ask for a replacement.

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Merlight Modern Dimmable Wall Sconces

glass sconces

The Merlight Sconce has a rather simple aesthetic, with minimalist features with a hint of more conventional lamps. This armed wall sconce makes a bold statement by combining a simple metal stem with a suspended clear crystal shade that provides enough ambient lighting in any area. Furthermore, you have the option of hardwiring this fixture into your wall or plugging it into a socket.

This fixture has a 180°+240° swing and a cord length of 5.6 feet. For your peace of mind, the armed wall sconce comes with a 1-year extended warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty that protects against factory defects.

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HAITRAL Swing Arm Wall Sconces

If you want a plug-in wall sconce that helps you adjust your lighting, then the Haitral swing fixture is a perfect option. Offering both an industrial and functional appeal to your space, you can change the mood of your home within seconds. One of my favorite parts of swinging sconces is the bulbs are assessable so you can opt for smart bulbs that offer millions of colors.

You get a variety of positions with a dual swing arm, so you can light the area you want with ease. Plus, you are getting up to 62.9 inches of cord ensuring you have a long reach to cover a wider area. The metal structure and clean lines build a seamless contemporary style. Moreover, like the Merlight you are awarded a 30-day refund and two years warranty encase you are experiencing malfunctions or simply don’t like the product altogether.

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YEPHALL Wall Sconce

The Yephall features metal for a durable lighting source that also adds a distinctive look and elegance to your room. The vintage casing is a perfect for tasking light when reading. They are a bit small compared to the other fixtures above so they are great for smaller areas.

Apart from this, they are dimmable and the spacing between the shades does not limit your bulb’s lighting. You can use a bulb with a maximum capacity of 40 watts, and a variety of bulbs including LEDs, CFL, and incandescents. Installation is super easy as you have the option of hard-wiring or plug-in.

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TRLIFE Dimmable Wall Sconce

The Trlife plug-In Armed Sconce is simple to mount and adds a pleasant decorative touch to your wall. This durable fixture has a unique gooseneck with a white interior to reflect light better. Both the arm and the head of the lamp are adjustable for greater control of your lighting. Unlike most of the fixtures, the Trlife has a dimmer at the back of the lamp, so it is far easier to hide the cord.

I love this lamp because it is the best of the bunch and is affordable. You can buy one or two, however, one will provide enough brightness for your room. The dimming control is very easy to operate as you have to turn the nub from min to max. Similarly, Edison bulbs look best with these fixtures but you can use any bulb style once it complements your room style. This brand is well received with a 4.5 rating on Amazon, which is amazing for a lamp.

Dimmable plug-in wall sconces are an excellent addition to your home. As I mentioned above, my favorite is the Trlife sconces since I love the look of industrial fixtures. Plus, the dimmer to the back is by far the best thing on this light, and combine with the white shade interior it’s the most functional sconce on my list.

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