Can I leave my LED lights on all night?

These days, LED lighting is a popular option when illuminating your home. You can find them in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and they can even sync with music to give your room a dramatic effect.

As a result, LED lights are used for a long time, and they remain switch-on at night.

But, can you leave LED lights on all night? Yes, LED lights are ideal for leaving on for long periods because of their low power usage and very low heat output.

Unlike incandescent lights, LED bulbs produce light using less heat, making them energy efficient. Most of the heat emitted from LED bulbs are actually used for lighting making these babies cool to the touch and safer than traditional bulbs.

What Makes LED Lights Perfect For Long Use?

  • LED lights offer dimmable features. Therefore, during the night, you can adjust the setting to a lower color temperature. Dimmers decrease the amount of energy you are using. They also cost you less and increase the longevity of your bulbs.
  • Besides, LED bulbs are environmentally friendly and don’t require any additional special handling after use like traditional bulbs. LED bulbs operate on low voltage, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Because of LED long lifespan, you buy fewer replacements leading to fewer resources required for manufacturing.

LED Light At Night And Your Health?

led lights and insomina

Exposure to LED light at night can lead to an unbalance of your circadian clock pushing it back. During the day you are exposed to the sun making you active and alert at day and sleepy at night.

However, artificial light during the night can lead the jetlag and shift work patterns, making you drowsy during the day. In many studies, blue lights are the culprit for insomnia and reduction of melatonin levels. Yet, some white lights such as daylight color temperature give out a blue hue.

 While you may not see this hue at first glance, it can affect your sleeping habits and has been linked to several health problems. If you want to learn more about this study, you can find all the information here.

The Best Color LED Light For Sleeping

Red is one of the best colors to use when sleeping because it’s lower than sunlight, and it doesn’t affect your circadian clock. Hence, when purchasing a bulb for your room, make sure you can control the color setting.

For instance, the ILC Store RGB LED bulbs have twelve color options so you can change the color to better suit your activities. Like red for sleeping and purple and orange for concentration.

 To recap, LED lights are very energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and last longer than traditional light. That’s the reason they are the best choice for people who can not sleep in the dark. While you can use them all night, it can hurt your sleep patterns and health.

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