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Can LED Bulbs Be Used In Outdoor Fixtures?

Can LED Bulbs Be Used In Outdoor Fixtures?

For houses, businesses, public spaces, and beyond, outdoor lighting is essential. The correct outdoor lighting will avoid accidents, prevent crime, or transform a patio into a night-time entertainment facility.

With the continuous advancement in LEDs, many people have included LEDs in their outdoor lighting systems.

There is, unfortunately, some doubts about LED usage, one common question is Can LED Bulbs Be Used In Outdoor Fixtures? Yes, they can. LEDs are very versatile and bulbs with IP65 and IP67 protection are perfect for outdoor settings.

Do You Need Special Bulbs For Outdoor Lights?

lighting for pergola

Yes, ensure your LEDS are outdoor rated and sealed within a fixture. Like porch lamps or bollards, this prevents exposure to changing weather conditions.

Furthermore, LEDs that are subjected to the elements should be UL damp or wet location listed. Places such as the porch need to have damp location ratings and uncovered LEDs must have a wet-location rating.

Are LED Bulbs Waterproof?

Without outdoor-rated LEDs, water can ruin your bulbs. Yes, those with IP65 and IP67 ratings offer the best protection. IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection rating. It is the international standard against water and dust. Waterproof LEDs have their advantages, making them perfect for wet and damp environments.

IP64 and IP54 LEDs offer the defense over solid particles like dust and soil but only protect your lights from water splashes.

IP67 LED lighting provides full protection from solid and water. They are like IP65 and IP64, and their water defense is identical. However, this classification of LED lights is much more waterproof than IP65.

What light bulb is best for the outside?

There are many bulbs available for outdoor use. However, before purchasing make sure the manufacturer specify “outdoor”. Below are a few of my favorite bulbs to use outside.

Tobusa dusk to dawn bulbs-Dusk-to-dusk light bulbs like Tobusa have sensors that trigger light during the night. They save up to 90% of energy with 25000 hours of life. They are perfect for outdoor lighting and offer 5000k daylight glow with a 2-year warranty.

AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor–This bulb provides instant floodlights and is waterproof. They are energy efficient and offer 15,000 hours of lights and save 85% of electricity compared to traditional bulbs.

Hykolity Store Outdoor Lights–Another excellent bulb for outdoors, the Hykolity has dimmable features. You can easily adjust your bulb brightness to fit your mood and home setting.

Why Use LEDs Outdoors?


When deciding on how luminous you want your outdoor light to be, the bulb choice is important. A daylight bulb is the best choice when lighting your outdoor space.


Some outdoor bulbs are great for surveillance, thanks to their built-in motion sensors that detect movements. Some lights are equipped with 360 degrees coverage that makes it easy to see dark areas in your yard. There are smart bulbs like the Philips Hue, that connect to Home devices and allow you to control the bulbs from your phone.

Range of Color Temperatures

LEDs are available in a variety of light colors. Each bulb has a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) corresponding to the temperature level of Kelvin (K).

Deciding on the color temperature depends on where you are placing the bulb. Natural “white” or “cool white” light colors are perfect options for ambient lighting. While bulbs with 4000K are the best for task lighting.

LED lights are great for outdoors, however, ensure they are made to withstand the elements. Usually, when buying bulbs for your porch or pathway, check to see if it is outdoor rated.


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