Can You Use Smart Bulbs With Echo Dot?

The Amazon Alexa ecosystem is extraordinary on its own, but when paired with other devices it can transform your home into an even smarter one. If you are new to smart bulbs and wondering if they will work with your Echo Dot at home, then yes.

However, ensure the bulbs you choose are compatible with third-party devices. Brands like Philips Hue are Blue-tooth and Zigbee compatible so, pairing with your Echo Dot is super easy. With Alexa, you’ll be able to monitor the lights with voice commands and program them to brighten or dim at certain times of the day. Other features include setting timers and dimmers so you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood.

How to Connect Your Smart Bulb With Your Echo Dot?

Before you can do that, you must first screw in the lightbulbs and then add the lamp to the same Wi-Fi network as Alexa.

  1. Open your Alexa app and tap the “Devices” tab on the lower (right) corner of your screen.
  2. Press the plus sign at the upper (right) of the screen and tap “Add Device” on the pop-up menu.
  3. You’ll see some popular brand options, if your bulb is amongst the brands then tap it.
  4. If not, you may have to download another app and go through that installation process closely.
  5. If your smart bulb brand is on the list, then tap the icon and begin the set-up.
  6. Your bulb can now connect to Alexa and you can use voice commands to control it.

The Best Smart Bulbs To Use With Your Echo Dot

Sengled Smart WiFi LED Bulb

Having your Echo Dot at home means you can purchase a smart bulb that connects with your device with ease. Brands like Philips Hue are a perfect choice. However, if you don’t have the money to splurge on expensive products then you’ll love these affordable options.

Wyze Bulb-The Wyze offers a high-quality product at an affordable price and stems from a reliable brand. The best thing about these bulbs is they are long-lasting and easy to install. Simply screw the bulb into your fixture, add it to your Wi-Fi, and ask Alexa to discover the new device. As soon as this is done, you can now access your Dot voice command features.

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LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb-You’ll love the vivid colors that LIFX provides, these dimmable lights have 16 million colors and allow you to choose your mood. Giving you ample lighting for your party or reading. Furthermore, they are weather-resistant and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. They are the perfect bulbs for your Echo Dot.

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Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb-The Sengled does not need a hub; instead, it connects to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling you to control it via the Sengled Home app on your Android or iOS smartphone. When connected to Alexa, you can switch the lights on and off, dim or brighten them using voice commands, create scenes, schedules, and more.

Since the LED bulb is a standard A19 size, it can replace most bulbs in your house, but it fits better in lamps and fixtures giving you 800 lumens brightness.

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My Thoughts

The Echo Dot is an innovative device and can connect to most smart bulbs or switches. Even if a new product comes out today, the Amazon team will immediately update their device so they can connect to that product tomorrow. Connecting with your Echo Dot is as simple as using your Alexa app.

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