Will Philips Instantfit Work Without A Ballast?

Will Philips Instantfit Work Without A Ballast?

Converting your existing fluorescent lights to Philips Instant Fit is a great option. They are energy efficient and do not contain any mercury. Similarly, the tubes fit into the existing linear fluorescent fixtures and require an electric ballast. The Philips InstantFit LED T8 is a linear LED retrofit that replaces 4’ T8 fluorescent lamps. It … Read more

Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Fluorescent Lights?

Do Blue Light Glasses Help With Fluorescent Lights?

We all live in an era where fluorescent lighting is still the number one choice in huge workplaces and government buildings. If your eyes feel tired, itchy, or burning especially, after work, it may not be just from your job. The lighting in commercial workplaces is unforgiving and produces glare. While fluorescent lights are more … Read more

Why Do Fluorescent Lights Not Turn On Sometimes?

Why Do Fluorescent Lights Not Turn On Sometimes?

Fluorescent lights are a complex fixture. They are difficult to run compared to LEDs. These traditional bulbs have ballasts, wires, and starters. Consequently, you can find that they come with many issues. The good news is you can switch from CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) to LEDs. However, this route can be expensive and time-consuming. There … Read more

How To Block Fluorescent Lights At Work?

How To Block Fluorescent Lights at work

Fluorescent lighting can negatively impact your productivity at the workplace. If you work in a large office, chances are there is fluorescent lighting. Because they are inexpensive, many places, like hospitals and offices, opt for these traditional lighting options. The best way to block out fluorescent lighting at work is to avoid them altogether and … Read more

How To Tell If Fluorescent Bulb Or Ballast Is Bad?

Is Bad In Fluorescent Lighting?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. While most modern homes comprise LED lighting, fluorescent lighting still exists today. With fluorescent lights, the ballast or bulb can fail from time to time. Thus, this post will answer most of your questions on poor ballasts. A ballast provides enough voltage to start … Read more

What LED Lighting Do You Switch Fluorescent Lights To?

Switch Fluorescent Lights To?

LEDs can produce beautiful lighting without the hassle of a ballast. They offer outstanding benefits, such as low power consumption and long life, making them a no-brainer for modern homes. The lifespan of LEDs is up to 200 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Moreover, these fixtures use much less energy, converting most of it … Read more

Do I Need To Remove The Ballast To Use LED Bulbs?

To Use LED Bulbs?

LEDs are available in many sizes, and they are in various applications, from home lighting to medical devices. Recently LEDs, are the number one lighting choice in America due to their energy-efficient qualities. Moreover, the cost of LEDs has dropped dramatically over the last decade. Some are made for general illumination purposes, while others are … Read more