Do lampshades Need To Match In A Room?

Without a lampshade, the light from a naked bulb goes out in all directions. Looking at the bulb directly can be awkward. However, bare bulbs are often used in decoration, but in areas where someone will not look straight at it—such as in a wardrobe or up in a stairwell.

The direct glare from a bare bulb will harm your eyes. Hence, the use of a lampshade shields your eyes from the focus light of a bulb. However, when choosing a style of shade most people ask should they match your room? Sometimes it takes days searching for the best lamp that goes with the style of your space. It is not pleasing to the eyes when things look misplaced. While you don’t want your lampshade an exact match to your room, you need it to share some common relationship with the style of your home.

Your primary concern should be finding the right size lampshade for your room. It is a common mistake most homeowners make. Therefore, this post will feature some tips when buying lampshades and the style that is best for your home.

The Size Of Your Lampshade is Essential When choosing lamps

Not only can the lamp on the table look unproportional, but next to a sofa/chair, it appears worst. A lampshade should complement the table it resides. For instance, a huge lampshade on a small table will overwhelm the style of the room. Similarly, a large table with a small lampshade will look lost.

Your lamp must not exceed 1 1⁄2 times the table height, and the shade of your lamp should never be bigger than the table. For less active areas of the room, lightweight lamps are fine. For rooms where children or pets regularly visit, it requires a heavier lamp to avoid any accidents. Another good idea is to select a shade no greater than 2 centimeters less than the base length of your lamp.

The Color Of Your Lamp Shade

One of the safest colors to buy is white it goes with any style of your room and it illuminates your room better. However, if your space style calls for a bolder color, black is another great choice. Because black directs lights downward, it pools light in that area — adding drama to your room.

The important tip is to ensure your lampshade fits into the design or you can use it to introduce complementary color to your space. You can stick with one color of the lampshade to give your home a more cohesive appearance. But this is not always a good idea, as it can make that room look boring. So, when buying a lampshade use only three of your predominant colors or two of your complimentary shades.

Your Lampshade Should Match The Style Of Your Room

What is the style of your room? Is it modern, minimalistic, contemporary, eclectic, vintage, etc? No matter your room style, your lampshade must look like part of the family. For a modern home, you will find thousands of lampshades that feature a clean white sleek appearance. While a retro lampshade will have beautiful patterns and vibrant colors. Therefore, once your room is a certain style, purchase a lamp that is within that style bracket.

To recap, your lampshade should not match your room exactly nor be identical twins, but they should be sisters and share some resemblance to each other. Furthermore, ensure that the size of the shade fits your table as a big shade can overwhelm a small table while a small lamp can get lost on a huge table.

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