Do Pendant Lights Need To Be Centred Over An Island?

Do pendant lights need to be centred over an island?

Adding pendant lights are an excellent way to add drama and style to your room. They serve as a focal point and look amazing over the dining room table and countertop.

Yes, pendant light needs to be centred over an island, but you don’t have to. Some homeowners position their pendant lights slightly off for functionality and symmetry in mind.

However, if your light is not centered on your island, then you’ll need to call the company that installed them to fix it. Yes, it is extra work but, every time you visit that room you’ll notice the unsymmetric lights which can make you uncomfortable.

pendant island in kichen

Because pendant lights are available in different sizes and styles, you can find hundreds that are great for places that support one source of lighting.

Pendants on a island offer great lighting and act as focal points in space for visual and architecture. There are few rules to consider when planning out your kitchen island. Make sure the light is height, spaced and correctly hung.

Usually, pendant lights are hung 28-34 inches above your countertop. This height allows for sufficient lighting without people bumping on or looking directly at the light source.

Spacing Out Your Island

two pendant light kitchen

It is always a good idea to hang balloons before installing the actual fixture to get a different angle before installation. The size and style of your pendants solely depend on your preference. However, if you have a small kitchen, you don’t want huge pendant lights that can overwhelm the room.

Now that you know the height to hang your pendant, calculate the size of the fixture. You can achieve this by measuring the width of the island and subtracting the amount by twelve.

When spacing the island, you want to look for the center point. For a small island that only requires two pendants, you’ll need to find the center point, then space the light 30-34 inches apart. Furthermore, for a larger island, that needs three lights, hang the first pendant on the island’s midline then hang the two 30 inches apart.

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If you don’t like the overall appearance of your island, then you’ll need to contact your electrician again so they can fix the problem. I don’t recommend fixing it yourself. Yes, there will be extra work and mess but, your comfort comes first.


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