Do You Need A Smart Plug For A Smart Bulb?

While these two devices have the word “smart” in them, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to use a smart plug with a smart bulb. Smart plugs make appliances clever, while Smart bulbs work with fixtures. The bulb itself has all the features that help you control your lights with voice commands.

Smart plugs allow you to remotely control the electricity flowing to a device with your phone. When an appliance is connected to a smart plug, it is easy to turn them off without physically unplugging them.

At home, for example, I use a smart plug when I charge my iPhone at night. When my phone reaches 90%, I turn it off using the timer. Another feature I enjoy with a smart plug is that my husband is always asleep in front of the TV around 11 pm, so I schedule my plug to turn off at 11:30 pm. Hence, this feature helps save energy and time.

No, you do not need a smart plug for a smart light bulb. However, you can have both smart devices in your home as the plug controls the power to one device, and the light bulb deals with the fixtures and lighting.

When To Use A Smart Plug?

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Smart plugs work perfectly for devices like TVs, radios, etc. I like to use them with my air conditioner because when I am not home, I usually turn it off to save energy. But on hot days, before coming home, I can remotely turn it on ten minutes before, so I do not return to a hot apartment.

Also, you do not have to use it for every appliance in your house because it just does not fit. You would not want a smart plug on a toaster. One of the biggest benefits of a smart plug is the ability to control appliances remotely. This ability allows you to make your home safer, save time and money.

Aside from that, plugs have third-party integration like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, to name a few. You can use a plug to control a lamp, but I would rather stick with smart bulbs because they are a better choice there.

Going back to your entertainment systems, using a smart plug with your television is a superb decision because they are considered phantom devices. So a TV uses electricity when they are off, and according to, they can use $100 worth of electricity annually.

Further, a smart plug is beneficial when outlets are in hard-to-reach places, as you can easily turn the device on or off from your phone without bending your arms to reach them.

What do I need to use smart bulbs?

You can not use a smart light bulb with a TV, but you can use them in lamps and other fixtures. While you can use both for a lamp, it’s a waste of money since they provide similar functions. A smart light bulb like Philips Hue is handy as it offers millions of colors, voice commands, timers snd schedules.

A smart light bulb can even work without Wi-Fi if it uses BlueTooth. Also, install them in fixtures like pendant lights, table lamps, wall sconces, etc. If you have money to spare, you can replace all your light bulbs with smart light bulbs, but it can cost thousands of dollars. However, if you want to spend money on it, focus on places where you spend most of your time, such as the living room or the bedroom.

Do smart plugs use a lot of electricity?

No, smart plugs do not use a lot of energy, and as I mentioned above, they use a lot less than phantom loads. More importantly, they can help save money with their timer functions. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory, they can save up to 500 – 1000 kilowatts, and if you are looking to cut costs, that’s a big plus.

The best way to benefit from the energy-saving capabilities of smart plugs is to identify the appliances that use phantom power. You can connect a smart plug with the appliances that consume the most, and if you need extra help, some plugs measure power consumption.

Do Smart bulbs work with normal switches?

Yes, smart bulbs can work with normal switches because once the switch is on, you get all the functions of your smart bulb. However, your regular switches must be on for your light bulb to work. Many homeowners also wonder if they should buy both smart switches and light bulbs.

No, this is not a good idea because there is no reason to use a smart switch if your light bulb has all the features they offer as it is a waste of money. Besides, smart switches are meant to control regular light bulbs and work perfectly in kids’ rooms or basements.

To Recap

Hopefully, after reading this, you understand that smart plugs and smart bulbs provide different functions. Plugs control the power supply to a device and are perfect for phantom loads. While smart bulbs are for fixtures and help you control your lighting systems. You can use both devices in your home, but it makes little sense to use a smart plug on a fixture that already has a smart bulb.

I would use smart bulbs in places where I spend most of my time, such as the living room and my home office. They provide mood lighting that increases and controls brightness. Not to mention they save both energy and money.

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