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Does Using A Dimmer Save Electricity?

Does Using A Dimmer Save Electricity?

With technological advancement, LEDs are far more efficient than conventional bulbs. They can save up to 90% of energy and produce little heat when you switch. Dimmers allow you to change the amount of light in a bulb with no complex wiring.

Yes, using a dimmer with LEDs saves energy. Because dimmers decrease the flow of electricity to your fixture by operating at a lower power output. Therefore, increasing the life span of your bulb.

However, it came with some adjustments, as if you have your fixture on its high setting 24hrs a day will not save you the amount of energy expected.

The change from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs has altered the way older dimmers work. Conventional bulbs were expensive to run and pull a lot of power when dimming.

How To Save Electricity With Dimmers?

Above we learn that LED dimmers can save energy, but what about incandescent? Incandescents are less efficient. If you have a regular 60W bulb and want to lower the brightness, then the conversion will use more energy.

Swapping out conventional bulbs for LEDs and combining them with dimmers will increase the lifespan of your bulb. Since LEDs run on lower power already, it emits less heat. Hence, supplying you with over 50,000 hours of usage and more if you take advantage of its lowest setting.

Did you know that dimming lights during the day can reduce energy? During the day when there is natural lighting, raising bulbs to their highest setting is unnecessary.

Instead, keeping your lights dim during the daytime, and increasing the brightness at night will, in turn, save you energy.

With the use of smart dimmers, you can also save on energy by enabling power-saving mode and creating timers and schedules for more control.

Philips hue dimmers
Philips Hue Dimmer

The History of Dimmers

In the past, dimmers were inefficient. They work by sending less electricity to the bulb and converting the rest into heat.

It fulfilled the task at the time, but it was risky and expensive to run. However, thanks to the invention of LEDs, they can save energy and prolong the use of your bulbs.

The Benefits Of Dimmers

  • They save electricity.
  • Creates mood and adds dimensions to your home lighting.
  • Offers more control of your home’s lighting.
  • Morden dimmers are easy to install.
  • They add to the smart home experience.
  • Increase the longevity of your bulbs.

How much Electricity do dimmers save?

How much electricity dimmers save depends on how you are using them. For instance, according to Lamp Plus, dimming your light down to 50% cut down your electrical usage by 40%, and vice versa.

Do Smart Bulbs Use Less Energy When Dimmed?

Yes, smart bulbs use less energy when dimmed.

Do dimmer switches reduce bulb life?

Dimming lights is not only good for the environment but also helps to prolong bulb life. Dimmers allow you to adjust your lighting based on how much light you need- and save energy.

LED light bulbs have many advantages over other types of lighting; they last longer and use less energy. Hence, making them the best choice for low-maintenance people who want to save money on their electric bills in an eco-friendly way.

Other ways to prolong LED bulbs:

  1. Dimmers not designed for LED light bulbs may not deliver the proper current, which can cause flickering and damage your bulbs. Always use a dimmer that is specifically designed for LEDs to avoid this problem. If you are using a LED -compatible dimmer, make sure it says “dimmable” on the packaging of the bulb or fixture to ensure it will work properly with the special wiring in our lamps and fixtures.
  2. Some LEDs do not work properly in enclosed fixtures, and for this reason, it is important to choose a bulb with an appropriate rating if you are going to use them in these types of applications.
  3. Cheap LED light bulbs can be less durable than the more expensive brands. If you’re not sure about a particular brand, read reviews before buying.

Utilizing dimmers with LEDs will save you electricity. However, in the past, dimmers were not efficient, and having them was risky and expensive. But, thanks to technological advancements, having dimmers serves a purpose and uses less power.


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