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How Can I Add Light To A Room With No Light?

How Can I Add Light To A Room With No Light?

If you are planning to illuminate a room like your basement that has no general lighting, then here are some ways you can do so. One of my readers was kind enough to email me this exact question.

She said that she recently bought a new home and in her basement, there is no lighting. Her husband wanted to transform their basement into a man cave. After doing my research I found out that before the year 2000 few homes were built without overhead lighting according to the Joybird it’s a new feature.

There are many ways you can illuminate a room with no lights these include: plug-in pendants, table and floor lamps, string lights, and plug-in sconces. Moreover, if you don’t have an outlet, then you’ll need to call an electrician to install some.

However, if you don’t want to do this- you can always purchase battery-powered lights. Other than fixtures, an open window can add some natural lighting to your room, mirrors can help reflect this light, and choosing furniture that features warm colors is another thing to consider.

With that said, here are some fixtures to help you add light to your room.

Plug-In Pendants And Scones


Plug-in pendants are an excellent way to add general lighting without installing wires. However, depending on the size of your room, you’ll need additional lightings such as a table or floor lamp. One of my favorite plug-in pendants is these industrial-style fixtures I found at Amazon.

The FadimiKoo are handheld plug-in pendants available to add light without wiring the ceiling. You can mount it to the top of a rod and hang it on a hook from your ceiling. Then, you can tuck the cord to the corner or loop it around a hook: the sky is the limit with these fixtures.

With sconces, you can conveniently hang and plug them around your home to illuminate your room. They are useful because you can mount them at various heights and look amazing in pairs on either side of your space.

Floor And Table Lamps

table lamp

If you don’t have any fixtures in your room, then table lamps are your best option. With their sleek design, table and floor lamps are available in a variety of colors to fit almost every area of your room.

Choose between bare bulbs or light-colored shades to help direct light across the room and reflect them off the walls, providing overhead lighting with no wiring. You can add floor lamps behind a sofa as they can also add a design element to your room. Furthermore, you can use floor lamps as a statement item to complement the style of your home.

String Lights

string light

String lights are a simple way to add ambiance and illumination to a space without having general lighting. They are lightweight and can be hung with nails, pins, or you can drape them for a free-style appearance. Like the Binval Globe String lights, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Similarly. they are easy to set up and remove.

Having no lights in your room doesn’t mean you have to be in darkness. So, consider these fixtures to add lighting to your room. I would like to thank Sarah for this amazing question and I hope that this post helps her with her husband’s man cave.


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