How Far Away From The Mirror Should I Place Sconces?

How Far Away From The Mirror Should I Place Sconces?

One of my favorite places to install sconces is between a mirror. In my bathroom, there are these two industrial wall sconces that make me smile every time I visit that area. Apart from pendants in kitchen islands, wall sconces are one of the best fixtures that offer functionality and design to your home. Similarly, they are so versatile, depending on your room, you can use them for both ambient and task lighting.

When answering the question, how far away from the mirror to place sconces? If you are installing sconces in your bathroom, you should place them 36 to 40 inches apart, 18 inches from the sink’s centerline, and 60 to 68 inches from the floor. This ensures that your fixtures are at eye level to provide excellent task lighting. However, remember that these are just the standard dimensions, so use them as a starting point.

How To Choose Scones For Your Mirrors?

Because wall sconces are suitable for mirror lighting in bathrooms, white or off-white glass is ideal. If you are using small sconces, measure from the top of the mirror to find the center mounting height.

The swing-Swing arm sconces have the flexibility and versatility to shift around, enabling you to guide light in various directions. Because of this, they are perfect for homes that have people of different heights.

Downlight or uplight– Downlights cast a thin beam of light onto the floor, making them ideal for your bedroom or home office. As a result, they are perfect for making spaces feel smaller, cozier, and more relaxing. While uplighting scones direct light upwards and are great for living rooms, hallways, or wherever room you choose.

The normal height of the mirror above the vanity can differ based on the mirror’s design, the average height of the living in your home. Again, always make sure the mirror is at or above eye level.

Hanging sconces

Plug Sconces In Or Not

A plug-in wall sconce is suitable for people who are looking for fixtures that are easy to install. They are an excellent choice if you don’t have a junction box or don’t want to hire an electrician. These usually have a visible cord or a channel that conceals the cord adding style to your room.

Compared to Non-plug-in sconces, which use a ceiling box and are wired in the same way as you would a ceiling light. Most sconces have a middle stud that allows you to level the fixture even though the box is not level. However, before you start, ensure that you understand how to strip, splice, and attach wires, as well as how to mount electrical boxes and run cable through walls and ceilings.

Sconces are a great way to offer task lighting near your mirrors so ensure they are 36-40 inches apart and 18 inches for your sink centerline. But the most important thing to consider is to ensure it is at eye level.


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