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How Many Lamps Should Be In A Room?

How Many Lamps Should Be In A Room?

I love lamps, they add both design and functionality to your room. If you follow my blog, I enjoy shopping: whether it’s clothing or home decor, I always go overboard, and yes, you have guessed it with lamps. Just last week I brought the shortest table lamp in the world, but with a wooden block, to add height- it is now taller and useful.

How many lamps should be in a room? It depends on your lighting needs and the size of your space. Some people have two lamps per room.

Depending on your lighting needs, two lamps with the addition of general, and ambient lighting like scones will illuminate your room. However, if you don’t want to add wall-mounted lights, then you can add floor lamps to compensate for the scones. Again, it boils down to your lighting needs. Some people don’t even like overhead lighting, so they add more lamps.

Remember, all the lamps in your room don’t have to match, but they should be sisters so you can mix and match your lamp design. Also with dimmers, you can adjust the lighting of your room. Therefore, having too many lamps does not mean your room will be too bright.

The Benefits Of Having Lamps In Your Room

lamps and their purpose

Lamps will brighten up the corners of your room and provide lighting above and below them. They are suitable for living rooms and places where people gather for conversations. A lamp can be a stylistic decoration or simply as a lighting improvement, with styles varying from modern to vintage.

A conventional table lamp provides excellent lighting for a raised surface such as a bench, table, or nightstand, but its location is limited. Many floor lamps have adjustable necks that can brighten a wall or book when reading.

Both table and floor lamps are an excellent choice for a practical piece of furniture. Floor lamp style is an outstanding flexible choice for illumination. While table lamp offers both ambient or task lighting depending on the brightness of the bulb. Again, dimmer switches and smart bulbs are godsent when deciding on your lamp functionality.

Lamps For Each Room

According to The Spruce in a bedroom, you’ll need one bedside lamp if you are sleeping alone and two if you have a partner.

Similarly, if you have a large bed, then one lamp on each side will provide the best lighting for your room. In the living room, it depends on your needs and the size of your room. Most people hate dark corners, so adding a lamp near these areas is always a brilliant choice.

Did you know you can add table lamps to your kitchen? I recently did a post on pendent alternatives and found this informative post on this subject.

It is what designers are doing these days with clients who are not fans of Kitchen Islands. If you want to take a quick read, you can find the article here.

Light up your kitchen with a hanging lamp. Since the island bench is used for most cooking and other tasks, it is best to have the light shining directly on this central table.

How Many Lamps Do You Need For A Kids Room?

When purchasing lamps for your child’s room, safety is paramount. Be sure to choose; unbreakable materials like wood or plastic and avoid breakable things like glass or ceramic. Furthermore, make sure the cords aren’t loose and your child feels safe in his/her room.

How much light you need in your kids depends on the size. But one thing is for sure: use ceiling and wall lights and make sure you placed them high up so the child can’t touch them. Also, add creativity with fun and colorful night light as some children will feel safer sleeping with one.

Lamps In The Entry Hall And Hallways

The hallways of your home are a place you pass through on your way from one area to the next. So they don’t need extra lights – just the main ceiling light is fine. However, if you want to add lamps, it is best to use them for decorative purposes.

Last Thoughts

Also, I found this discussion on HomeTalk.com and @PainterNoni said she has a whopping thirteen lamps in her main living room as they offer both design and lighting elements to her room.

To recap, there are no definite numbers of how many lamps you can have in one room, as it depends on your design and the size of your room. If you Google this subject, most blogs would say two lamps, but what can two lamps do in an enormous living room? Keep in mind there is no such thing as too many lamps and with dimmers, you can control your room lighting.


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