How Should Pendant Lights Be Hung?

You can see pendant lights everywhere over the countertop, tables, stairways, etc. This lighting is a popular option for many homes but, how should these lights be hung? You should hang pendant lights 72 inches above the floor and 30-34 inches above your table.

When discussing light fixtures for your home, it is important to get the correct measurement, especially when adding pendants. Your ceiling height plays a vital role when determining which style of light. Start by hanging different size balloons to evaluate the size and how your hanging lights will look at different angles.

The longer the lights are, the more traditional your room will appear while a shorter fixture displays a modern and casual look.

Common Ceiling Height

New homes usually have a nine-foot ceiling on the first floor and an eight-foot ceiling on the second floor.

However, pre-historic homes that were built in the 1890-1940 ceiling height may vary and can reach up to 10-12 foot entry ceiling. Some homes have ceiling lower than 8-9 foot, leaving flush pendants an excellent choice to illuminate the room.

The Location Of The Pendants

black pendant lights

When hanging pendant lights, where you are installing them matters. Is it above a table? Or the kitchen? Here are some tips to help you with just this.

In the Kitchen–In the kitchen or place where people gather, you want a clearance room of 30-36 inches. But it all boils down to personal style and what type of lighting this fixture provides.

In the Hallway-Hanging pendants in an entrance or hallway will add a lot of suspense and charm to a room. In spaces with tall ceilings, it is vital that the fixtures not be hanging so high that they are outside the line of sight when standing in the room.

Above an Island- Pendant light hanging in this area must be 28-34 above counter-tops and 72 inches above the floor. This is a common place to add task lighting to give your room a modern look.

How Big Should My Pendant Be?

Hanging pendant light

You first need to calculate the length and width of your room, then follow the instruction below:


  • Add the length and width of the room together.
  • Divide that number by 12 and you’ll find your ideal pendant width.


  • Measure the height of your room and multiply it by 3–so a room that’s 3m high would = 9m.
  • Divide that number by 12 and you’ll find your pendant height.

There are hundreds of different colors and styles of pendant fixtures to choose from. Now that you know how to hang pendant lights, your primary concern is the location and which style of lights are best for your room.

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