How To Attach String Lights To Pool Cage?

Backyard swimming pools are the perfect place for social gatherings, neighborhood parties, and family reunions. With a swimming pool right outside your front door, your home is a popular place. Therefore, a pool cage is very convenient, as it provides security and privacy from prying neighbors.

Like many other outdoor structures, string lights look beautiful because they provide atmospheric ambiance. The good news is that many products simplify the hanging process, such as adhesive hooks, clips, staples, or nails that you can use to attach your lights for an enjoyable experience.

Below are simple instructions for attaching string lights to pool cages and many more.

Note: If your pool cage roof doesn’t exceed 10 foot then it is unsafe to hang string lights there.

How To Attach String Lights To Pool Cage or Screen Enclosure

It is possible to drill hooks into the aluminum and drape the fixture, but this process is very invasive and can damage the structure. It is safest to use waterproof adhesive hooks that will not disrupt the design of your pool cage. They are also easy to remove if you want to change the light source.

  • Use a ladder (optional) and measure how many lights are needed.
  • Are you draping or installing the lights in a straight line? Deciding on the design will tell you how many lights to buy.
  • Identify an outlet and have an extension cord at hand.
  • From start to end, stick hook 16 inches apart.
  • Then, hung the lights using the loop above each bulb.

If you want a straight line of string lights, consider running cables first, then add the lights and secure them with zip ties.

hanging string lights on pool cage
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Can You Hang String Lights Over A Pool?

Hanging string lights above your pool sounds like a good idea, but many electricians are against it. There are chances of electrocution and even death if the bulbs fall into the water. According to the NEC (National Electric Code), there must be a 10-foot clearance above water level.

So, it is dangerous to have any type of string lights above your pool, especially with the splashing. Even if you don’t get shocked, your bulbs can fall into the water and stop working. Imagine spending $50-100 at Amazon for beautiful lights, and they fell in the pool.

In addition, hanging string lights over the pool may interfere with the fun, as kids can not play with beach balls or splash too much. Also, there may not be lights specifically designed for pools. So you will have to make do with ordinary outdoor lights that are not designed for water exposure for long periods.

Hence, the answer is no; it is best to keep safe and do not hang string lights over an open pool.

Reasons For Not Hanging String Lights Over A Pool

  1. You can get electrocuted if the lights fall in the pool.
  2. It is difficult to clean pools with string lights above.
  3. You can’t play with a beach ball or anything that can splash water.
  4. Less string light options available for pools

How Do You Keep String Lights From Sagging?

Sagging string lights is a common problem that can occur if they do not have enough support. When hanging string lights on gutters or patios, clips and hooks can prevent sagging. However, stringing lights from one wall to another is impossible to use just clips.

Thus, the secret is to hang fairy lights with cables first. You can find them in a variety of lengths. Attach to either side of the walls with steel hooks and insert the cables. Then, use the zip ties to secure the lights to the wires. For more information, check out Robert Robillard’s guide.

How To choose String Lights for Your Pool cage?

There are thousands of string lights available on the market. While I enjoy using the Addlon, if you find those are above your budget, here are the features to look for.

When buying string lights, look for waterproofing qualities as they better hold up to the elements. Regarding the actual length of the bulbs, plan by measuring where you want the lights before buying the product.

You can’t use solar lights in an enclosed area so, have access to an outlet. String lights come in hundreds of sizes and colors so, this feature depends on your overall design and what you want to achieve.

However, the larger bulbs provide more lighting compared to smaller options. I also recommend that you purchase smart lights like the HBN outdoor fixtures where you can use the app or voice commands to control the brightness and color with nine build-in scenes.

Another light bulb to use is LEDs because they are energy efficient and burn less heat. They can also save a lot of electricity and are long-lasting compared to traditional lights.

To Recap,

Pool cages’ roofs are further than 10 feet, so you are obeying the NEC rules. The fastest way to hang them is with adhesive hooks or clips. However, many people drill holes for screw hooks which can damage the structure.

For a uniform look and to prevent the string lights from sagging, use a cable to secure the lights beforehand. This method is by far the best because I love that the cables add an extra safety factor.

Also, if you have an open pool, it is not a good idea to hang string lights above. As there is a risk of the lights falling into the water and causing electrocution or even death.

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