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How To Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures?

How To Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Outdoor lights are vital for every home as they provide a sense of security and beauty. Because every home has outdoor lighting, there are simple ways to clean them to increase their longevity.

Safety is a must when cleaning products with electricity. Remember to turn off the power to your lights before cleaning to avoid electrocution.

Also, be careful not to get water in or around the socket when removing the bulb. This could damage the socket and even cause an electric shock. Do not use chemicals on your outdoor lighting unless recommended by the lighting manufacturer.

How To Clean Your Outdoor Light Fixtures?

  • First, unplug your lights.
  • With a soft cloth and soapy water, gently wipe down the exterior.
  • You can use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wait for the fixture to dry.

How To Keep Outdoor Christmas Lights Dry?

The weather is an obstacle when having Christmas lights outdoors. However, most fixtures are waterproof and don’t require any additional protection. Your main concern is to safeguard the electrical connection (the male and female plugs) by placing the female downwards.

This way, the water will drain out. Using Dielectric Grease over the plugs can keep water out; it is as simple as applying a small amount, and that’s it.

Can Outdoor Lights Get Wet?

Yes, outdoor lights can get wet. Nevertheless, ensure that the fixture is rated for outdoor by checking the IP ratings. An IP rating gives us an idea of how much the lamp is protected from dust and water. They use two numbers from 0 to 6, being the most as the sought-after number. The IP rating with the first letter being 6 means it is difficult for dust or dirt to penetrate the fixture.

The second number is measured from 0 to 8, where eight is the best. It tells us the light is watertight and can handle extreme weather. Therefore, when buying outdoor lights, look for fixtures with an IP rating of IP65, IP67, or IP68 being the most suitable.

Using bulbs that are not outdoor rated can cause electrocution or even fires. Water can get inside the fixture causing, it to malfunction as the liquid serves as a conductor. It can also damage the bulb and decrease its lifespan.

How To Protect Outdoor Lights From Getting Wet?

There is no easier way to avoid getting your outdoor lights wet than to place them in a location where rain is less likely.

Placing your fixtures beneath overhangs is another good idea. The water also does not access the fittings. If you have motion sensors, you can also use overhangs. Both combinations assure the safety of both your lights.

How Do You Power Outdoor Christmas Lights?

outdoor christmas light

Power safety when hanging Christmas lights is critical. One of the best ways to power your lights is in the nearest electrical outlet. If you don’t have one at home, there is an option of solar lights, which only require the sun for energy.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and without string lights, the holiday would not feel the same. I generally use an electric outlet combined with an extension cord. But for people who don’t have this option, solar lights suffice.

Below explains simple ways to power your outdoor Christmas lights.

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

With solar Christmas lights, you don’t need any wires or an electric outlet. They are super easy to install and are available in LEDs because they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. With a constant flow of sun, they can run as long as 8-12hours every night.

Furthermore, one of the best parts of having solar Christmas lights is there is no additional cost to your electric bill. There are hundreds of different colors and designs available with solar lights. Plus, some come with smart features such as timers and Bluetooth. Here is a list of my favorites; hopefully, you can find one that fits your design and budget.

You can use portable electricity if you want a little more power and have the option of using existing LED light strings. The solar panel, solar generators, and more are included. They are also affordable and can be used in and during crises.

Outdoor Electrical Outlets

One of the common ways to power outdoor Christmas lights is with an outlet. An outdoor outlet is convenient since you don’t have to string an extension cord as electricity is readily available. The difference between indoor and outdoor outlets is they are watertight even when cords are plugged in.

 However, if you don’t have an outdoor outlet, there is an option to use an exterior grade extension. They give you length and offer an array of lights design. One extension cord I use regularly is the UltraPro. It is dust, dirt, and waterproof and has a variety of uses.


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