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How To Light A Cigarette With A Light Bulb?

How To Light A Cigarette With A Light Bulb

It’s a thing! You can light a cigarette with a light bulb. When one of my readers suggested I answer this question. I close the email and laugh, thinking to myself that this is impossible.

However, after doing extensive research, I was amazed at how many ways to light a cigarette.

From batteries to cell phone flashlights, people have found creative ways to smoke. One YouTube video that particularly caught my eye during my research was a 2016 upload by Randell Cambell.

He was doing some repairs in his home and did not have access to a lighter or anything that creates fire. After a few unsuccessful attempts at using a battery, he resorted to a light bulb.

Below, you will learn how to use a light bulb to light your cigarette. This method is quite dangerous as you have to break the glass casing to get to the filament of the bulb (incandescent). I am also including the video because Randell is hilarious, and it’s helpful for people who need a visual guide.

How To Light A Cigarette With A Light Bulb?

  1. You will need an unlit cigarette.
  2. Carefully remove the glass shell by breaking it into a plastic bag.
  3. A bag will protect your eyes and keep the glass from exploding everywhere.
  4. Make sure the filament in the bulb is intact.
  5. Screw in the bare light and place the cigarette on the filament.
  6. You will notice that the cigarette smokes.
  7. After a few seconds, take the cigarette out and take a few puffs.
  8. Your cigarette should now be burning.
  9. It’s time to enjoy your cigarette.

Lighting a cigarette with a bulb is very straightforward. All the steps are in the video with some additional humor. Further, remember this method contains an exposed filament which can be dangerous. Once the cigarette is lit turn off the power from the bulb and disposes of it immediately.


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