How To Light A Room With No Light Switch?

Light switches control the lighting system of your home. They can boost productivity, save money, and offer a seamless transition from dark to light.

However, not every room has light switches, leaving you to find alternatives to add control to your fixtures. These days, with the creation of smart products, smart bulbs combine with switches can give you a hands-free experience.

To control your fixtures with no light switch, you can try fishing electric wires through your walls to install light switches. Furthermore, add smart bulbs using voice commands to control your lights or you can use motion sensor sockets and wireless switches.

The last resort is to learn to do the wiring yourself so, you can install wall switches. If you are not handy (like myself) I recommend hiring a professional electrician to do so as they are familiar with safety and local codes.

Fishing Electric Wires Through Walls

In your home comfort is a critical element, so it is best to do things right. Therefore, if it’s your toilet- installing a light switch in that room is a good idea, especially if it’s your permanent residence. A handyman can cost a few hundred bucks, hence, if you want to save money, try DIYing the project.

While I can add the steps here to install a light switch, I am not qualified to do so. Check out this step-by-step guide by the Familyhandyman or you can watch a YouTube video, whichever works.

Smart Bulbs

Buying smart bulbs is an expensive option, as they cost far more than regular bulbs. However, it is cheaper than hiring an electrician and safer than installing switches yourselves. With a hub, brands like Philips Hue can control up to fifty bulbs and offer voice commands and app control.

Similarly, cheaper options like the Wiz allow you to connect directly to your phone or tablet with no hub or control unit. The good news is smart bulbs have dimmers that help you adjust your lighting to create a specific mood. You can go from ambient to task lighting within seconds.

Lifx bulbs

WireLess Light Switch

Did you know that there are switches you don’t have to run a wire to use? Yes, they are wireless switches. They are super cheap and available in most of your local hardware stores. The best part is you don’t have to run wires through your wall instead connect it to the fixture itself. It’s a lifesaver for someone like me who doesn’t want to pay an electrician nor like working with electricity.

Thisoldhouse has an amazing tutorial on the installation of this beautiful product. Most people rather pay for a wireless switch vs the other options. It is also perfect for people who live in apartments and are looking to install ceiling lights, but don’t want to disturb their neighbors above them.

I recommend using the BN-Link ES1513-5-2 Wireless Remote Switches. It is a five-pack so you are getting value for your money and they cost less than $30.00. With over 7000 five-star reviews, it is safe to say the BN-Link is a popular product and gets the job done.

Motion Sensing Sockets

Lastly, let’s look at motion-sensing bulbs. They automatically turn on the light when the socket sense activity in the room and turn off lights 4-5 minutes after you have left the room. This product saves you money on your electric bill and installation is straightforward. Again, like the wireless switches, it is affordable.

The only downside is there is NO traditional control of your light; as you are leaving it up to the socket. Apart from this, it is offering a hand-free experience and is cheaper than hiring an electrician. This product is great for the laundry room where most people visit twice a week.

One socket I found that works the best is the LPHUMEX Store, many customers love its easy installation, and combine with LEDs it can last up to 50,000 hours.

How to light a dining room without overhead lighting?

Having no overhead lighting means you’ve to find additional fixtures that can act as general lighting. This is not a new problem as many older homes don’t have this type of lighting. So, here are some tips that can help you add more lighting to whichever room lacking this feature.

Plug-in pendants are a perfect way to add light for those who don’t have overhead fixtures. Plug them anywhere and get an instant ceiling light without the added cost of installation.

Arc-style lamps are one way to add light without drilling a hole in the ceiling. I love these for providing overhead lighting with no need for drills or wiring, and they also look great.

Lamps are an excellent way to add lighting to your space, but how do you know which one is the best for your room? You can get lamps in different sizes and heights to fit any style. If you don’t have ceiling or overhead lights, table lamps might be just what you need.

Fairy lights are a fun and easy way to transform your home into the perfect, low-key, cozy place for friends or family. You can use them year-round when plugged in an electrical outlet.

The newest trend in home décor is battery-operated lights. These systems are perfect for people who want to bring the traditional, elegant look of a classic chandelier without needing an electrician or wiring their ceiling!

Lastly, a simple solution that anyone can do is to place a floor lamp in front of a mirror to create more natural light. Mirrors have always been trendy, both for decoration and functionality. They give off natural light and reflect it from side to side.

To Recap

Having no light switches in your room isn’t a problem anymore. You can either go for an expensive option like hiring an electrician to install a switch or a smart bulb. Similarly, if some rooms in your home don’t have ceiling lights, don’t panic; try those amazing alternatives above.

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