How to untangle fairy lights

Fairy lights are the perfect way to decorate your bedroom, Christmas or add a creative touch to your flower arrangements. These tiny LEDs are energy efficient and very cool to the touch. However, because of their miniature size, they can get tangled easily.

That’s the problem with fairy lights! They bunch and knot up in storage, so when it is time to hang your lights, it usually takes hours to straighten them up. The safest way to avoid damaging your lights when detangling them is to slowly work through the knots.

Do not pull or push on your fairies. Also, patience is the key when dealing with all those knots. After detangling, keep the lights in a straight line to prevent new knots. Further, it is best to have the original box, so it will be easier to store them away.

How to Keep Fairy Lights Untangled?

Below are two of the cheapest and simplest ways to keep your fairy lights from untangling. These techniques are perfect for the holidays.

  1. Tools

Cardboard and scissors.

  • With the scissors, cut out a large rectangle from the cardboard.
  • Then, make a small cut around the two sides.
  • Wrap the fairy lights around the cardboard with the sides holding them in place.
  • To keep your lights from detangling, keep them in a straight line.

2. Use a cardboard tube.

  • Make a small cut at each end of the tube.
  • Wrap the fairy light around the tube in the same direction.
  • Finally, secure the ends.
how to intangle fairy lights

Can You Cut Fairy Lights?

Yes, you can alter the length of fairy lights as long as they are of parallel connection. Cutting your lights will not affect the power distribution nor damage your fairies. In cases where your lights have a series connection, the power that is going through the first bulb is going in all of them. Hence, if you remove any part of the circuit, your lights will no longer work.

Having fairy lights with a parallel connection will work no matter where you cut them. However, ensure to cover the ends with electrical tape or a cap. With lights wired in parallel, each bulb has its path to that battery. Thus, if you cut out a few, it will not affect the others.

So inspect your lights to know if they are parallel or series. Once this is established, you can begin the cutting process. Start by unplugging the fairy lights from the outlet. Never cut a light connected to electricity as you risk electrocution. Then with scissors, cut the string to the desired length and cover expose end with a cap.

How To Arrange Fairy Lights In A Vase?

Arranging Fairy lights in a vase looks amazing as wedding centerpieces or simply mood lighting in your home. The steps are pretty straightforward, and all you need is a vase, a small cardboard circle, and the fairy lights.

I recommend cutting out a circle from a cardboard material so you can hot glue the battery pack to it. Then you can stick tiny flowers on top of the board to keep it hidden. Another way involves using double-sided tape and sticking the pack to the vase trim. But this step is optional as you can conceal the battery pack with shiny tape.

Start by gently adding the string to the vase. The arrangement doesn’t have to be perfect. Add the battery pack in wherever way you choose.

How To Hide Fairy Light Battery Box?

Let’s face it, the fairy lights battery pack can look bulky and ugly on your decor display. There are many ways to hide these boxes by covering them with decorative tape, ribbons, and paper. Adding moss, colorful stones, and fabric can do the trick as well.

A good tip is to purchase fairy lights that have the smallest battery pack like the MUMUXI 16 Pack, so they are easy to hide and fit in tight spaces. In addition, the Mumuxi produces low heat, has waterproof features, and is available in three colors.

Can Battery Fairy Lights Catch Fire?

Fairy battery-powered lights are safe to use, and no, they will not catch fire. LEDs produce less heat than traditional fixtures plus, they do not burn as bright as plug-in lights. Therefore, it is best to swap your old incandescent Christmas lights for their LED counterparts.

With that said, fairy lights are safe to use in your next decor project. They are long-lasting, and because of their tiny size, they can fit in tight spaces. Most fairies come with a handy remote to turn them on and off hands-free. To save on battery, turn off lights when they are not in use.

How Do Solar Powered Fairy Lights Work?

Utilizing solar fairy lights is one of the most reliable ways to save on electricity. They work by converting sunlight into energy and storing them in a battery. Similarly, every solar fixture needs solar panels to collect sunlight and charge the battery.

These fixtures have to stay outdoors during the day or a space in your home where they can access the world’s natural energy. Solar-powered lights are perfect for outdoor decor and pathway lights.

The mechanics of solar power lights lie in the way they collect and store electric current. The process begins when the solar panels have access to direct sunlight. This sunlight warms the solar cells, which stimulates the negative electrons, forcing a transfer of electrons- resulting in electricity.

At night, the conversion of sunlight to energy stops, leaving the photoreceptor to recognize the darkness and turn on your light. In the morning, the cycle repeats itself.

To Recap

Like all string lights, fairies can knot and bunch, making them hard to untangle. However, once you use the storage tricks above, you will no longer have this issue.

Fairy lights are versatile and fit into almost any space, from vase to mason jars: they provide the perfect touch to every holiday or wedding gathering.

Comment on all your favorite things to do with fairy lights!

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