How To Update Fluorescent Lighting In The Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the crucial rooms in the home and requires adequate lighting. This space allows for food preparations and snacking. While LED lighting is the ideal option for kitchens, most people can not afford to switch from fluorescent bulbs to LEDs.

Hence, in the following post, we will discuss how to update your old and dull fluorescents with more energy-efficient and eco-friendly options.

Update Your fluorescent light with Led Tubes

Advances in LED lighting have made it possible to enjoy one of the most modern lighting systems out there. Unlike fluorescent tubes, a LED is composed solely of electronic components and no chemical materials.

To install a LED tube, it is necessary to disable the starter and ballast and connect it to 220 volts AC. There are many types of LED tubes, but the most common for lighting kitchens or even for industrial uses are 2G11 tubes, which have four pins instead of two. These tubes have SMD3020 LEDs which are high-powered with low heat emission.

Now, we know why LED tube lights are more useful than ever. It is not easy to calculate how long these bulbs can last, but they can light a kitchen for ten years with no interruptions. LED tubes turn on right away and do not blink like old-fashioned fluorescent lights. This means your LED will last longer, and you’ll enjoy them more.

Replacing fluorescent lights with Strip Lights

Instead of buying a new fixture or replacing the ballast in an old bulb, strips are a better option. Strip lights use drivers inside the bulb, which allows for a more reliable light with a better life expectancy. With electricity running through your building, you’ll be able to install the magnetic strips and driver in a faster and easier way.

For the best strip lighting, opt for Philips Hue. They provide the highest quality for your kitchen lighting. Plus, they last longer than cheaper options. The only downside is these strips are expensive and need a hub; if you are looking to explore all of its features.

Convert to Led Panel Lights Or Troffers

Troffers are rectangular or square fixtures that fit into a dropped ceiling grid and can be found in many businesses and schools. They can accommodate standard fluorescent lamp types, like T8 or T12 bulbs. Now, troffers are also available in LED, so they come with many advantages compared to your typical fluorescent bulbs.

Saving money is a plus, especially in the home. Perhaps the easiest way to save money is to switch from fluorescent lights to LED. The savings can be up to 80%.

LEDs are ten times more efficient than conventional fluorescent lights, leading to longer operating life. The lifetime of LEDs is anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, with some brands having an incredible 10-year warranty.

LEDs are at the top of the lighting ladder. Their even distribution of light makes them perfect for commercial spaces. With a range of CCTs to choose from, you can select the specific aesthetic you are looking for. LEDs have a high CRI ensuring that everyone using these lights can see what they are working on clearly.

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To Recap,

Switching your outdated, energy-draining fluorescent light bulbs for LED tubes can be a quick and easy way to save money.

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