Is Philips Hue Worth The Money?

The first company that comes to mind when asking about smart bulbs is the Philips Hue. They are a popular option for beginners and experts alike and the price is high. But does Philips Hue worth that high price tag? According to thousands of customers around the world, they do.

While they are far from perfect, these smart bulb kits are packed with features that are beneficial for every smart home. They are super easy to use and install. Plus, the app work flawlessly. For instance, in the app you can specify the power-on behaviour; this is helpful if home experience any electrical shortage.

Why Purchase A Philip Hue For Your Home?

Let me put this out there:

A Philip Hue smart bulb is perfect for table and floor lamps, yet some people purchase a few for their porch lights. But, for fixtures that need 2-4 bulbs, it is far cheaper to purchase a smart switch which can give most of the benefits of the Philip Hue.

Now back to Philip Hue best features.

  • Create Routines–The Philip Hue app offers you the option to create routines by giving you control of when to wake up or go to sleep. It gives you a sunrise effect that slowly fades in and out.
  • Accessories- There are a ton of accessories available that work alongside the Philip hue, such as motion sensors and switches.
  • They use Zigbee- The Zigbee platform is very reliable and works better than Wi-Fi.
  • Set Timers. The app gives you the option to set timers with lights by switching to specific colors or blinking patterns.
  • Set color scenes- You can change colors to suit your mood or activities.
  • Sync with your music–Create the perfect light show with your Philip Hue bulbs. It is super easy to sync with your music.
  • Make your home look occupied–For those days where you are on long business trips you can control your lights is the convenience of your phone. This lets you switch on the lights, tricking passerby that you are home.
  • Knows when you are home–The app welcomes you to a well-lit home as the app can tell when you are near and turns on the light.
colorful philip hue

No matter how you want to build your smart home, if you choose Philip Hue bulbs you can find a wide range of accessories and are compatible with most hub apps. It is one of the most popular smart bulbs from a credible brand, and nothing beats this.

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