The Best Lighting Ideas For Living Room With Low Ceiling

Having a low ceiling in your living room doesn’t mean that the lighting options for your space have to be limited.

One of the first things you can do for your ceiling is to paint it white. This color allows light to bounce out the room, making your ceiling appear higher. Further, add ambient lighting like sconces can help illuminate the room without taking up ceiling space.

If you’re thinking about installing more lights in your living room ceiling or looking to change up the lighting, then check out my list on the best lighting ideas for living rooms with low ceilings.

Consider Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are excellent for living rooms with a low ceiling. These lights will sit flush within your drywall giving you more head clearance when moving around in your room.

With recessed lighting, color temperature is an important element. The traditional incandescent bulbs give off a yellowish hue but the best is LED bulbs. They can provide a wide range of colors. When you purchase a LED light look at the package as it will show where that bulb color falls on the Kelvin spectrum.

A range of 3000K will give you a yellowish light: this is perfect for bedroom and living rooms. If you are considering buying recessed lights for your room, you can find some great ideas here.

Sky Lights

If you want to increase the amount of natural light in your living room, you can use skylights. They are suitable for areas that have no windows and places that interior lighting can not reach. Not to mention, the fresh air that is released into the room and for places where summer is all year they will benefit for the most.

However, make sure to install venting skylights as without it, this feature will go to waste.

To add a skylight, make a narrow tunnel using reflective material and cover both ends. This will channel light from the roof of your house to your living room. Skylights are an extensive project so you’ll want to hire a contractor to do it.

Crown Molding Lighting

If you decided you don’t want lights in your living room ceiling, there are always crown moulding lights. This will add indirect light to your room as the LED strips will sit inside the molding and reflect the light off the walls and ceiling. You can also purchase dimmable LED strips for more control of your light brightness.

Lighting crown molding is easier to install than recessed lighting because it requires less drywall and wires. For that, you’ll only need to install one switch box that can run from an existing light fixture or wall outlet. Next, install your molding along the walls near the ceiling and LED strips in the channel along the top of the moldings.

Floor And Table Lamps

Table lamps

Table and floor lamps create the perfect ambient lighting and added with general lighting it can illuminate your room. These fixtures add focus lighting to specific areas and for a comfortable experience always have table lamps at eye-level. There are many shapes and sizes available plus colors, lamp shape and patterns play a key role in your living room designs.

A Low ceiling is not a problem when lighting your room as there are many options available for you to try. Recessed fixtures are the best type of lighting to try since it sits flush on your ceiling.

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