Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer | Review

The Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Review: Finally The Perfect Hue Light Switch.

If you have a Philip Hue Bulb in your home, then you’ll know if you turn off the switch, you will lose all the control of the bulb. But here is good news Lutron Aurora fixes this issue in the most perfect way.

So what does the Lutron Aurora do? This beautiful piece of equipment is a smart dimmer switch you can install over your existing switch. It gives you control over all the lights you assign to it.

Also, if a guest visits your home and doesn’t know the in’s and out’s of your home. They can easily push the switch to turn on and push it to turn off, etc. The Lutron Aurora works seamlessly, as there is no learning curb or app to make handling complicating.

The Purpose Of The Lutron Aurora

The Lutron Aurora is a dimmer switch that works with the Philips Hue bulbs. The main site also says it worked with others certified bulbs you can also add it to the Philips hue app with no wiring required.

However, if you choose to remove your existing light switch and use the included plate, then you are given extra caps to terminate the wires. So, what does this product allow you to do?

The primary function of the Aurora is to lock your standard toggle light switch into the “on” position. As I mentioned above, one of the biggest enemies of smart bulbs is turning off the lights switch and losing all control of your smart bulb.

But why use this product when you can stick a colored tape to force your switch in the “on” position? Which is cheaper? This is where the second function of the Aurora comes into play something a $5 tape will not do.

The secondary function of the Aurora is to control your smart bulbs alongside the Philips Hue app.

The Set Up Of The Lutron Aurora

Lutron Aurora reviews

The Aurora is pretty easy to install and can take at least five minutes to get things up and working. Firstly, you need to mount the base over the toggle switch and tighten with a screwdriver.

Now, it is time to connect the app.

Open the Philips Hue app and go to Settings then- Accessory set up from there we’re going to click on- Add an accessory and go down to Friends of Phillips Hue switch, look for the Lutron Aurora and click it. After, quickly double press the center button of the switch, wait a few seconds and just like that the Aurora is added to The Hue app.

To control the switch you can use the voice control or your phone, making it super easy to use in this age of technology. More importantly, no wiring is needed with quick installation and it connects to the app.

Things To Consider

Something to note when using the Aurora switch is to think about where you are going to put this switch in your home. If there is a place where you have over one light switch controlling the same set of lights and you want those to be Hue bulbs. You’ll need to block the other switches. Further, you don’t want to have other switches that can turn off your Hue bulbs functions.

You can always have multiple Aurora switch in your home to add to all the related light switches. Similarly, if you have a switch plate that is not white, the Aurora doesn’t make any other colors, so it is best to run to your local department store and pick up a few white plates.

The Usability

So far the speed is not the best element on this switch, often when you use dimmers you’ll experience a quick reaction between moving the dimmer and seeing the light change. While the delay is noticeable, it is easy to use and you can overlook this shortcoming.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be on the switch you are controlling if you have some other way to block those switches, you can put this in a more convenient location. But it needs to sit on one of those traditional light switches.

As far as battery life goes, it lasts very long and you may need to change your battery every 1-2 years.

My Thoughts

I love this product and being a Philips Hue junky it is one of its best accessories. But it only works with the Hue app and may not be an excellent choice with other brands.

The price is expensive, and it’s not a “need” but a “want”. Now, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can always opt for the Phillips Hue dimmers rather than the Aurora.

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The Lutron Aurora Pros and Cons


  • It prevents the light switch from turning off.
  • Easy to install.
  • Built-in on/off switch, plus a dimmer.
  • The app needs no wires to connect.


  • Expensive.
  • Works with Philip Hue app and bulbs only.
  • No additional colors.
  • Dimmers delay.

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