How Bright Should A Living Room be?

bright living room

Lighting is an essential element when you are decorating a room. However, few people understand their importance. The right lighting can promote conversation, offer a sense of relaxation and lift your mood. In your living room, you should have a mixture of ambient, task and accent lightings.So, how bright should a living room be? Ambient … Read more

How Do I Get A Bright Light In My Living Room?

brighting living room

Lighting is one of the critical elements in your living room. Not only does it provide functionality, but it adds a stylish component that contributes to a room’s atmosphere. Don’t make that mistake of having one source of lighting, you should at least have three: ambient, task, and accent. Each has its own function, for … Read more

How should I arrange my living room?

living room arranging

For different individuals, living rooms have various functions. In some homes, it is the main meeting place for friends and family. While in other homes, the purpose of a living room is too relaxed and watch television. No matter the reason your space should be inviting and can maintained a traffic flow. However, certain issues … Read more

Do You Need A Smart Plug For A Smart Bulb?

Do You Need A Smart Plug For A Smart Bulb?

While these two devices have the word “smart” in them, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to use a smart plug with a smart bulb. Smart plugs make appliances clever, while Smart bulbs work with fixtures. The bulb itself has all the features that help you control your lights with voice commands. Smart plugs … Read more