Philips Hue vs Lifx Bulbs Compared And Reviewed

Smart bulbs are an amazing way to illuminate your home. They are packed with features like color changes, brightness adjustability, and they can connect to Google Home and Alexa, just to name a few.

In this post, I will attempt to compare the Philips Hue and the Lifx smart bulbs. By doing this, my only hope is to assist you in finding the best smart bulbs for your home. If you have missed it, I have recently written a post on “Is Philips Hue is worth the money?” I had a lot of fun with this topic and decided to expand with a comparison post.

When comparing these two bulbs I have looked at the build, power, accessories, applications, voice commands, and their price.

The Build OF the Philips Hue And The Lifx Bulbs

Let’s start with the build of these two light bulbs: they both are A19, this means they are very similar in size. The Philips Hue is the sleekest of both bulbs, it has a plastic top and a metal base making it look and feel sturdy.

philips hue vs lifx
Philips Hue Light Bulbs

The Lifx is bigger than the Hue and has a plastic top and a metal base, but the weight is the first thing you’ll notice when comparing these bulbs.

While the Philips Hue is the smallest of both bulbs, it’s heavier giving you peace of mind knowing that this bulb will not break easily.

The Power- Usage And Accessories

As far as power usage goes, the Philip Hue comes with 10 watts and the Lifx bulbs use 11 watts. In terms of brightness, the Hue has 806 lumens, and the Lifx has 1100 lumens. So the winner of the two when looking at brightness is the Lifx.

The Accessories–The Philips hue and Lifx have added new add-on for their products. These accessories include light strips, faders etc while they both have accessories the Hue takes the cake as they have more add-ons than most brands.

The only downside of the Hue is you’ll need the hub compared to the Lifx, which works with strictly Wi-Fi.

The Set-up

You may not think that set-up is an important component when buying smart bulbs, but it is. If you are like me and get frustrated easily when something is difficult to assemble, you just throw them aside and label them as “not working”.

However, with the Philips Hue and Lifx, they are easy to set-up. The most you’ll have to do is screwed on the bulb to the fixture, and that’s the hardest part. After you’ll need to download the app and find the bulb within the app. Now, with the Philips Hue, you’ll need to connect it with the hub and that’s about it.

One difference between both bulbs is the application, the Philips Hue app for me, was a bit difficult to control when I first used it. The Lifx is by far my favorite of the two, as every button is easy to find and use.

Lifx light bulbs
Lifx Light Bulbs

Voice Commands And Price

Both bulbs use voice commands, and they integrate with Alexa and Google home. Now, it’s time for the price an essential factor when buying any product.

The Philips Hue is the most expensive of the bulbs because of the additional Hub. A Hue kit with multiple bulbs can retail from $100-$200, but you are paying for longevity as well as durability and that’s what the Hue provides.

My Final Thoughts

It is safe to say if you are looking for a light bulb to turn on and off with a few smart features like voice commands and dimmers; the Lifx provides just that. However, if you are looking for that “WoW” factor opt for the Philips Hue and like I said in my last post, it’s worth the money and my wallet combined.

With that said, if you are going to use one bulb to connect to light strips in one room, then Lifx is the cheapest route to take. But for your entire home, the Philips Hue is your best bet because they have a variety of accessories that work together to give you that smart home of your dreams.

You can buy both the Philips Hue And The Lifx here.

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