Should Table Lamps Match In A Living Room?

The lighting in your living room sets the mood and creates an ambiance for conversation. A simple change in lighting alters the vibe in the room in an instance.

Leaving it dull, boring, and that’s not what you want for your space. Instead, you want your living room cheerful and exciting, so a few lighting fixtures like a table lamp will do the trick.

Should a table lamp match in a living room? It’s a question one asks themselves when purchasing a new lamp. However, they don’t have to match every piece of furniture in your room. But, if you are going for consistency, it is best to find similarities like color, shade, and shape.

Keep reading to find out some simple tricks to mix and match your table lamp to your living room.

Why Do Table Lamp Shape Matters

Before you purchase a new lamp, examine your living room space and the decoration around your lighting fixture.

For instance, if you have a tall table in your living room. Then you must purchase a short lamp and vice versa. It is best to have a table lamp at eye level, especially if it is next to your sofa.

The Onreach Modern Table lamp offers everything you’ll need when buying a table lamp. It features soft lighting to protect your eyesight and adds a stylish but modern design to your room.

Plus, the colors are neutral, so mixing and matching are not a problem. Other features include a charging port for mobile and tablets as well as it is energy-efficient.

For showcasing painting, collectible, and art. Place your table lamp on top of a console table underneath a piece of your wall art.

Set a special figurine, souvenir, or photograph on a shelf, end table, or chest, and add a table lamp next to your favorite treasure to highlight them whenever they are turned on or off.

Add Color, Shade, And Style Lamps

A stylish lamp adds that extra flair to your living room, there are so much different lamp styles and shades to accent your room.

When buying a new lamp, make sure the color works well with your room. You can use one color for all your lamps, to give your room a consistent look, but your living room may look plain and without dimensions.

When choosing a lamp color and style, stick with two shades, and your room will look spectacular.

Different lamp styles
As you can see there are two different lamp styles in the picture above.

Common lighting shades are white and ivory because these shades let in light and illuminate the room. However, there is much other shade like black that can give your room, some drama, and mystery.

Other shade directs the light down and pushes some light in different areas around the room. You can mix various shades to achieve the atmosphere you are looking for.

Mix Metals

Having similar lamps is the best way to prevent your room from looking haphazard — like a similar shade, color, metal finish, or shape.

It’s Ok, to mix metals but make sure they go together. For instance, bronze looks great with copper as well as silver and gold table lamps are an excellent choice.

A table lamp is an attractive addition to your living room, so don’t be afraid to mix up your style, shade, metals, and colors.

It doesn’t have to match exactly to your room, but make sure there is a similar element that brings everything together.

How To Choose Lamps For Living Room?

Most of the time buying a table lamp is a challenging task, as there are many things to consider. You may wonder if it will blend into your room’s overall style, the size, and where to place the lamp.

First, determine the purpose of your lamp, this allows you to calculate the size, color, and the brightness of the fixture.

For instance, a lamp used for task lighting will be more luminous than a bedside lamp. Moreover, pick a lamp that is at eye level as it protects your eyes from the blinding light of the bulb.

The style of the lamp is an important factor to consider when choosing any lamp for your home. It can be an exact match to your room or is an excellent way to bring in a new color or pattern.

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