Can You Lubricate A Light Bulb Socket?

Can You Lubricate A light bulb socket

 Writing about light socket lubricant seems strange to me. But it is a real problem. Many people, myself included, have had trouble unscrewing a light bulb from its socket. It’s either too tight or there’s a grinding noise.  According to eHow, when a light bulb isn’t screwed in properly, air can get in. This can destroy … Read more

What LED Lighting Do You Switch Fluorescent Lights To?

Switch Fluorescent Lights To?

LEDs can produce beautiful lighting without the hassle of a ballast. They offer outstanding benefits, such as low power consumption and long life, making them a no-brainer for modern homes. The lifespan of LEDs is up to 200 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Moreover, these fixtures use much less energy, converting most of it … Read more

Can I Take Fairy Lights On A Plane?

Can I Take Fairy Lights On A Plane?

The holidays will not be the same without cheerful fairy lights. They create the perfect, joyful atmosphere without breaking the bank. According to the website, you can bring your fairy or Christmas lights in your carry-on or checked baggage. However, check your airline’s official page for more information. Most airlines will allow you to carry … Read more