The Best Cree Bulbs For Makeup Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are a must-have when applying makeup on both professional and beginner alike. They brighten up your room, allowing you to see every inch of your face. However, a high-end vanity mirror is expensive and most people can’t afford such luxury products, especially in these Covid times.

Luckily for you, I have done my research on the most affordable bulbs available in the market “Cree bulbs”. These bulbs are perfect for every room of your home, and their smart bulbs work with any Zigbee Hub.

Light bulbs for makeup mirrors range from 4000K- 6000K, and they are usually called daylight bulbs. If you don’t have access to daylight, warm white light is the next best thing. Cree bulbs have a wide range of color temperatures and have been in the business for a very long time.

The Best Cree Bulbs For Make-up

When looking for bulbs, I always choose dimmable options as it a fantastic way to customize your room setting. If you don’t have a vanity mirror, then adjusting the brightness when applying make-up helps you see better. For instance, when you want to use your bathroom, dimmer comes in handy here.

For makeup, I use the Cree LED 19 series 12 pack. They are dimmable, affordable, and last longer than ordinary bulbs. The CRI is high and they produce the purest light and fits in most fixtures.

The CRI of a bulb is very important, as it allows one to see the colors against natural lighting. For instance, when choosing foundation colors for your face, it may match your skin tone under certain lights if the CRI is low.

However, when you walk outside to natural lighting, it doesn’t match your skin. Therefore, it is best to purchase a bulb with a high CRI of 80-100 so you can see the correct color of your foundation.

Cree Bulbs
Cree BulbsColor TemperaturePrice
Cree Lighting TA19Daylight 5000KCheck price
Cree BA19-08050OMF-12CE26-1C100 Daylight (5000K)Check Price
Cree Lighting A21Daylight 5000KCheck Price
All are dimmable

The Best Lighting For Make-up

Great bulbs with the addition of natural lighting provide the best environment for makeup application. You would notice when you are outdoors, natural lights illuminate every angle of your face.

But with vanity mirrors, they sometimes only offer direct light—this is perfect for when applying eye shadow, yet not so much for highlighting your cheeks.

That’s why you mustn’t depend on one source of lighting. Consider additional recessed lighting that distributes lights throughout the room. If it’s your bedroom where there are a few lamps, purchase a wide vanity mirror to give you enough lighting for your makeup applications.

Choosing A Vanity For Your Bulbs

If you don’t have a vanity mirror at home, then here are some tips to help you buy a vanity that best suits your needs. According to, Vanity that comes with LED lasts longer and the bulbs are replaceable.

Moreover, mirrors that offer 360 views of your face are another feature to look for as it diffuse lights in every angle. Those mirrors require multiple bulbs, but with the Cree affordable price, you are paying $8 per bulb.

Makeup mirrors come in different sizes and styles, however, the larger mirrors require bulbs. Choose one that fits your room’s overall design so it will not look out of place.

Also, a mirror that can move, swing, and tilt allows for better makeup application. One of the best makeup vanity to choose is wall-mounted mirrors with arms, they allow you to view your face from every angle.

With make-up lighting is essential and the Cree bulbs are an excellent choice. They are affordable, long-lasting and dimmable. Remember, don’t rely on one source of lighting and consider buying a vanity mirror to help you see better when applying makeup.