What Are The Best Pendant Lights For White Kitchens?

When it is finally time to choose a light fixture for your white kitchen, pendants are an amazing addition. The lighting from pendants not only adds task lighting but adds design to your kitchen.

They are easy to install, however, if you don’t like messing with electricity, then you can call a professional to do this. I am not that handy so, my husband always assists me when installing lighting leaving the shopping to me.

One of my favorite colors for a kitchen is white since you can match it with any fixture. In my kitchen, three black pendants are hanging over my island so, if you want to mimic my style you can buy it here.

One of the valuable features of a pendant fixture: is it sends light down from your lamp to your countertop. In your kitchen, one or two pending lamps will provide as much illumination as you need without messing with your area of work. You can also add general lighting in the room to compliment your pendant lighting.

There is no rule stating the specific number of lights your island must-have. Therefore, everything depends on the kitchen island’s height. As a rule the thumb, designers like unusual numbers, like three. I have three pendants on my island because I prefer the balance of symmetry.

I have handpicked five of my favorite pendant lights for your kitchen.

BrightEver Store Three-Pack Glass Pendants

In a white kitchen, adding glass pendants is the perfect way to have more lighting. Because it is glass, you are getting every drop of light without the restriction of a dark brass shade. The simplicity of the Brightever adds a touch of elegance to your island. These pendants are adjustable and work with smart E26 Bulbs.

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Kenroy Home 91640ORB Margot Pendant Light

Adding a drum pendant fixture to your island makes it the focal point of your kitchen. A dominating light on the island is an excellent choice for task lighting. It illuminates your countertop for food prepping, leaving the rest of the kitchen to your source of general lighting. When a bold color is used for a single hanging lamp, the light becomes more prominent. You can now pick out bold colors in blinds and furnishings that will tie in with your pendant.

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Westinghouse Lighting 6345600 Pendants

The lighting you have selected plays a vital role in the room’s appearance. The kitchen can remain white, but the light can have a dramatic effect. Like the Hammered Oil Rubbed Bronz pendant will improve your kitchen with an antique-style theme. You can also add matching accessories to marry the overall decor.

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Your kitchen is a multifunctional area so choosing the right pendants can be difficult. With a white kitchen, you can mix up the colors and style and tie in other accessories.

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