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LED bulbs are becoming popular as they offer many benefits over traditional light bulbs. They last longer, save energy, and are available in smart options. However, there are some restrictions when packing LEDs into your luggage when traveling.

The key to ensuring that they do not break or get damaged is to pack them safely. On planes, it is essential to let the security personnel know that you are traveling with LEDs. Not because it’s a rule, but to ensure they will handle your bulbs with care.

Additionally, pack LED bulbs wrapped in bubble wrap, or cloth and place them back in their original packaging. If you are transporting a used light bulb in a car or RV, then wrap them in bubble wrap or a cloth and place them in an old shoe box or container.

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What Does TSA Say About Traveling With LEDs?

According to the TSA website, you can carry LED lights and strips on the plane, as long as they are packaged properly. The agency does not say what packaging is appropriate, but I recommend placing the bulbs in soft cases or bags, especially if you don’t have access to their original casing.

If you want to bring over one bulb on board, you can pack them together in a single container. However, the container should have your name and address, and you may need to open the package for inspection at security checkpoints.

The site also has a disclaimer stating that the final decision is up to the TSA agent at the checkpoint. { Source}

Using Cloth To Protect Your LED When Traveling

You can use this technique when traveling on planes, cars, and RVs.

One of the most common mistakes people make when packing is to forget to wrap their light bulbs. If you’ve ever traveled with LEDs in your suitcase, you know that it’s not only annoying but also dangerous.

Despite their durable case, LED bulbs can break if it’s not properly protected. To avoid this problem, wrap each bulb in a cloth before packing it away. You can use old socks or t-shirts to protect these delicate items during travel.

Bulb Wrap

How To wrap LED bulbs in bubble wrap?

The following steps are for wrapping a single bulb. If you are wrapping multiple bulbs, follow the same steps and stack them on top of each other.

1. Place the bulb on a flat surface and remove any plastic covering or packaging from the bulb’s base.

2. Cut a piece of bubble wrap 6″ x 6″. The size of your bubble wrap will vary depending on the size of your bulb.

3. Place the bubble wrap over the base of the bulb and fold it in half to cover both sides.

4. Wrap another piece of bubble wrap over this first layer, but leave an opening at one end so you can place your hands inside when it comes time to secure everything together with tape for later.

5. Fold over one edge of bubble wrap to create a small flap at one end, then press down on top of this flap with another strip of tape. Use enough tape that it is in contact with both pieces of bubble wrap. Then, place the bulb in a container.

 Traveling With Strip Lights

 Traveling With Strip Lights

Like LED bulbs, strip lights are very delicate and require special attention. If it is a new set of strips, do not remove them from their original packaging.

Remember, the package is equipped to handle the rough process of shipping and handling so it can survive in your suitcase. Similarly, if the strips are used, and you don’t have access to the original box, I suggest using bubble wrap, or wrapping it in a soft cloth and placing them in a large ziplock bag depending on the size.

Pack the remote and power supply separately in a ziplock bag or travel case.

Packing Your Strips In A Ziplock Bag

  1. Remove the strips from their previous location (Wall, etc)
  2. Allow the strips to cool. LEDs still produce some heat.
  3. Section the strips into manageable pieces.
  4. Remove the power supply.
  5. Wrap the strips in a soft cloth.
  6. Then, place them in your ziplock bag.
  7. Labeled the bag.

To Recap,

You can travel with LED bulbs and strips. However, ensure that you pack them securely. Wrap them in bubble wrap or soft cloth so they will remain safe in your luggage.

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