Four Best WeMo Dimmer Light Switch Alternatives

Switching to the smart home experience is an expensive choice. With the addition of smart bulbs and dimmers, some people find it difficult to invest in home automation devices.

However, smart dimmers come with advantages like hand-free control via your smartphone. This means you can dim your lights in the convenience of your home or on the go. With voice commands like “Hey Alexa, turn on the lights” you can dim your lamps for mood lighting or increase brightness for task lighting.

Dimmers like the WeMo can automatically turn on your lights at sunset without the need for tapping a button. While it doesn’t replace a smart bulb, it works hand in hand with your bulb to provide you with a comfortable hand-free experience.

Apart from the Philips Hue line of products, the WeMo is a popular option. Therefore, if you are looking to try new brands or for cheaper dimmers, then consider these WeMo alternatives I handpicked below.

Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch

Kasa dimmers

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then the Kasa smart dimmers are right up your alley. They can save you a lot of money if you invest in this ecosystem compared to the WeMo.

Another prominent feature is: they don’t require a hub for set-up and you can control it from any room of your home. The Kasa supports Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant. However, they are bigger than other products and are not compatible with Apple Home Kit. Plus, you’ll need a neutral wire for set-up.

The Kasa is a great place to start when investing in smart dimmers as they are affordable and easy to install. The app offers a smooth interface for adding timers and schedules for better control.

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Gosund Smart Dimmer Switch

Compared to the traditional dimmer, smart switches offer far more features and customization. Another cheaper choice is the Gosund Smart Light Switch, they are half the price of the Kasa and comprise similar features. The dimming setting ranges from 0 to 100% and is super easy to install.

For setup, you’ll need a neutral wire, also they are not compatible with Apple HomeKit, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink. But people with Amazon devices and Google Assistant can benefit from this affordable switch.

Further, they allow you to add scenes and connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi with no Hub. One more thing to consider is the LED’s light on the plate of the dimmer- it is luminous and may not suit areas like your bedroom.

Overall, the Gosund is an excellent affordable product and collected over two thousand reviews on Amazon, making it a favorite in smart home set-ups.

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 Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

philips hue dimmers beat Wemo alternatives

Philips Hue is a giant in the business with a wide range of products from light bars and LED strip lights, just to name a few. Not to mention their list of smart bulbs and lamps that all connect for the ultimate smart ecosystem. Similarly, the Philips Hue is compatible with most of the major platforms and doesn’t need any additional wiring.

The Hue has both traditional dimming buttons and hand-free controls. This makes it a perfect choice for less techy people and older folks. The Hubs make connecting and controlling multiple devices seamless, with no delays, as you don’t have to depend solely on your WI-FI.

One major downfall is the price. It is an expensive dimmer but with the new Bluetooth features you can control up to 10 Philips Hue smart bulbs. Older Hue products require the Bridge, so this is an additional cost to bear. Besides, you can group multiple lights in one room and control a maximum of two-room at a time.

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Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmers

Lastly, my favorite smart dimmer and WeMo alternative are the Lutron Caserta. When you can search up the product name and “review” then you know it’s in demand and like the Philips Hue, it is a reliable brand.

They work with Amazon Home Kit and are cheaper than the Hue so that is a plus. The app is beginner-friendly and gets straight to the point when creating geofencing, security mode, and adding scenes.

While Cnet claims Lutron Casetra is the best smart dimmer on the market, I stand firmly behind the Philips Hue line because they are my favorite: in functionality.

They have a lot of online resources, troubleshooting, and interlinks products to further enhance the ones you currently own. For instance, if you have the money to spare, you can invest in a Hue Sync box. What this box does is mimic the content on your television and sync all your hue lights with that media.

The design is simple, slide up to increase the brightness while down to lower, and you can also use the app to perform these changes. The starter kit has a bridge and offers a smooth interface.

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To recap, if you are looking for WeMo alternatives then you can try any of the four above. The the Kasa and Gosund do not have Apple Home Kit integration, so you can always try the Philips Hue.

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