What Are The Best Bulbs For Salt Lamps?

A salt lamp comprises a Himalayan Salt Rock that appears like a misshaped candy. They are individually carved and hollowed out by hand. Salt lamps contain a lightbulb inside the hollowed-out base of the rock. When turned on, they emit a calming and relaxing glow.

Because of this, salt lamps are therapeutic and provide a soothing effect on your mind and body. However, light bulbs do not last forever. When replacing your salt lamp bulb, always purchase an incandescent bulb.

These bulbs produce enough heat to warm the Himalayan salt rock so they can emit its comforting glow. LEDs and CFLs are very energy efficient, so they produce the least amount of heat.

How Do Salt Lamps Work?

Before I explore the best bulbs for your salt lamp, let’s look at how these magical lamps work. As previously stated, the light bulbs produce sufficient heat that softens the Himalayan salt. The salt releases negative ions into the air, which helps cleanse the air.

Salt lamps help you breathe better, especially if there is dust and pollen in the home. It also acts as a natural way to reduce electromagnetic radiation caused by household appliances like TVs, computers, microwaves, and mobile devices. Salt lamps can help increase your energy levels after long workdays and boost your mood.

How To Choose A Light Bulb For Your Lamp?

What Are The Best Bulbs For Salt Lamps?

The Shape

When shopping for a replacement bulb, you’ll have to look for a specific shape. Salt lamps need a type of light bulb with an E12 base, which is also called a candelabra base because it looks like the candle-holding part of a candelabra.

How many watts should the light bulb be?

Wattage is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a salt lamp light bulb. The wattage will determine how bright your salt lamp is.

Most standard salt lamp light bulbs are 15 watts; however, you can find them in 25 or 40 watts. Remember, the higher the wattage rating of your bulb, the hotter it will be and the more heat it will give out. In other words, if you plan to use your salt lamp for relaxation purposes only and not as an air purifier (in which case higher temperatures are needed), then stick with lower wattages. 

Another factor to consider is the size of the lamp. Of course, depending on the size of the lamp, choose between 15W, 25W, and 40W.

  • For smaller lamps, use the 15W.
  • Medium size lamps- 25W.
  • Larger lamps- 40W.

What Are The Best Bulbs For Salt Lamps?

The Soul Light Salt Lamp Bulbs

Now that you know size and wattage matter, it is time to choose the best brand. If you type in “bulbs for salt lamp”; you will be flooded with hundreds of options. The top choices have thousands of positive reviews and purchases. Reading buyer reviews has never failed me when purchasing a new product. Plus, these bulbs come in convenient 5-10 packs that will last longer.

My top choice for 15 W salt lamp light bulbs will have to be the Soul light. Not only do they come in 6 packs, but they give your 2 free bulbs, which in total is eight. On Amazon, they have one of the highest reviews of 4 1/2 stars. These bulbs are dimmable and are recommended for medium to large lamps.

Other features include dimming and easy installation. There are a few complaints of too much heat and a short lifespan. But luckily, the 30 days, no question asked refund should ease your mind.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Ouukoo 15 Walt Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs.
  2. Simba Lighting C7 15W Replacement Bulb.
  3. Spolico Store Salt Lamp Bulbs.

How To Replace The Light Bulb From Your Himalayan Salt Lamp?


  1. Unplug your salt lamp and let it cool before replacing the bulb. (A salt lamp can run hot)
  2. Some lamp holders are detachable from the base, while others require you to remove the base itself.
  3. The holder contains the bulb, holder, and two metal prongs.
  4. Squeeze the two metal prongs to remove the holder.
  5. Once you have access to the bulb, place the lamp on its side and unscrew the bulb.
  6. When replacing bulbs, I always dust off the socket with a soft cloth. (optional)
  7. Screw in the replacement bulb.
  8. Squeeze the two prongs to fit the holder back in or, depending on the lamp, rotate the base in place.

To Recap,

Himalayan Salt Rock lamps are one of the best ways to promote relaxation and a soothing environment. These lamps require that you use E12 incandescent bulbs because they produce enough heat to warm the salt.

While there are hundreds of bulbs to choose from, I love the Soul light. They are affordable, have excellent reviews, and give you peace of mind due to their 30-day money-back refund.

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