What Is The Most Relaxing Color?

Colors play an important role in our life, it makes up everything we see around us and it can also affect our mood. Studies as far back as the 1930s have shown that people associate colors with specific feelings. We use color as a metaphor for emotions, for instance, red represents anger and blue promotes serenity.

However, what colors are the most relaxing? A study to understand the effects of colors on college student shows that green is the most relaxing color. As it brings a “sense of refreshment, harmony, equilibrium” and promotes love and environmental awareness.

The study also claims that the mixture of cool shades of green and blue is an excellent combination, as it reminds people of nature.

Warm colors like green

Choosing The Best Color For The Your Home Interior

If you are considering the psychology of colors for your home, then you’ll need to look at the emotional effects of colors. This is important to get right in your home because the color surrounding you can affect your mood and daily decisions.

Warm Color Highlight

When choosing colors for your home, there are two main types of warm and cool shades. Warm colors are bright shades like red, yellow and orange they can instantly grab visitor’s attention like red can raise someone’s heart rate and highlight objects.

Try using this color when you want to get someone’s attention to a positive feature in your home. Yellow can make a home feel inviting and lift your spirits however, don’t over decorate with this color. Try using yellow as an accent in your decor like in flowers and pillows to light up a darkroom.

Cool Colors Are More Relaxing

Blue is relaxing

Cool Colors makes a room feels relaxing and is perfect to use in certain areas of the home. Blue is a soothing color and great to use in the bedroom or spa-like bathroom. Just make sure you pick the right shade because some blues can make your room feel cold.

Green creates balance and reminds many of nature they are great when adding house plants to your room. You can also paint a bath and a living room green to promote tranquillity. Similarly, neutral shades help break up colors and let the eyes rest.

White can give the room a feeling of cleanliness, purity and this color is excellent to use in temporary places. While black promotes authority and power.

blue is great for bedrooms

To recap, the best relaxing colors are cool shades like green and blue as it reminds us of the sea, sky and nature. Therefore, if you are planning to paint your bedroom and bathroom, then you are on the right track to promote tranquillity and calmness.

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