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What Is The Most Relaxing Light?

What Is The Most Relaxing Light?

Have you ever noticed that you are more irritable in certain colors? Or how about when you feel calm in relaxing places? Well, that’s because colors have the power to affect our emotional state of mind while we are there. Some people think it’s all in your head, but color psychology has been proven time and time again through research.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: BLUE is one of the most relaxing colors. Researchers have found that many people associate the color blue with the sky or beaches. So if you want to feel calmer quickly, all you need to do is stay in this relaxing color for a few minutes.

Blue light also increases relaxation after a stressful day compared to white LED light, according to Science Daily. Another color that is relaxing is green. The color green reminds people of trees and their surroundings. Now we understand why people go outside to calm down after a heated argument.

The Science Between Cool Colors Like Blue And Green

We often associate the color blue with a sense of calm and serenity. We correlate this shade with an environment like water, which calms us because it is cool in temperature and gives off ripples or ripples in every direction.

Green can make you feel peaceful and rejuvenated. This color is typically considered restful thanks to their calming effect on our eye muscles. There’s a scientific logic behind this – because the retina focuses directly on shades of green.

The color blue is a great calming and soothing hue to use in high traffic rooms or any room where you spend extended periods of time. Blue has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce breathing rate and promote feelings of calm. Therefore, the bedroom is the perfect place to use this relaxing hue.

The Best Lamps To Help You Relax

While white noise machines help people relax, I love sleeping with bedside lamps that help you fall asleep. My favorite is the Philips SmartSleep because it’s a combination of both.

Phillips SmartSleep And Wake Up

Smart Sleep light from Philips is an easy-to-use sleep helper that offers customization options to the user. It has five icons including an alarm bell, brightness settings, and snooze time. The best part about Smart Sleep Light is the ability to keep the phone out of bed by placing it on a different floor or room in the house.

If you want extra five minutes before waking up with light, tap Snooze when you’ve edited your desired wake time – it’s just a touch away to make sure you get enough restful sleep.

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LOFTEK 8 inches Blue Light

Blue light

Although you can use this blue globe for entertainment, this perfect blue light provides a calming mood that is great for sleeping. The LOFTEK is perfect for outdoor or camping because it has solar charging capabilities. Plus, it’s lightweight so it’s easy to carry and store. They even change colors and have 16 RBG shades to choose from.

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Lifx Dimmable Smart Bulb

There are millions of lights to choose from, including blue and green, it’s also a great option for those who want to control their home lighting on the go without using an additional hub.

These Wi-Fi-connected lights can be controlled through your favorite mobile app or voice commands with Google Assistant and Alexa. With these multi-colored LEDs, you’ll never have trouble finding the perfect shade of light in any room.

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Studies have shown that blue and green are the most relaxing colors because they remind us of the outdoors. There are many lamps and bulbs available with millions of colors. However, it is always a good idea to stick with these two colors to get into a relaxing mood.


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