What Lighting Position Is The Best For Reading?

Finding the right lighting makes a difference when you are reading or studying. Although there are so many styles, it is often a matter of personal preference and comfort, when considering the type of lighting and the position of the lamp.

It is important to have a desk or table lamp that focuses the light on the book, also fixtures that dispersed lighting in the room. If you do not want to read in one area, there is no reason to choose a floor lamp with direct downward lighting.

Instead, opt for a lamp that directs the light upwards to ensure the entire room is illuminated. A reading lamp requires a bulb that emits a soft yellow or warm light and can be adjusted. This creates a more natural light position for reading in the corner of your desk. Another great tip is to ensure the lamp is 36 inches away from your book.

An early recap:

  • Make sure there are multiple lighting sources in the room.
  • A table lamp must be 36 inches away from your book.
  • An adjustable table lamp like Brightever is a must-have because they are the best for readers.
  • If you are reading from your tablet your lighting fixtures needs to be brighter.

The Best Position For Floor Lamps

Depending on how you choose to sit while reading, a floor-standing lamp is another perfect option. They provide task light so; it is best to position your lamp downward-facing for direct lighting.

As mentioned above, you must choose one with a soft light that fits reading, but there are many other options, such as halogen and fluorescent bulbs as expert claims they are better for reading than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Another tip for reading and learning is choosing the bulb brightest. The lumen must be a bit higher than your 2700-3000L to ensure that the light is bright enough to avoid stress. 

Lamp Position In the Bedroom

If you want the light to fall directly on your book, a neck light is a good option.

If you still have difficulties seeing through the glare of the overhead light in your book, or even the light of a lamp on the other side of the room, consider adding another lamp to the room.

This usually provides better lighting than ceiling lights and reading lamp it can bend into a position that directs the lights exactly where you need them.

When reading from tablet, the lamp brightness should be higher than the screen.

The Perfect Lamp For Reading

reading lamp

There are hundreds of reading lamps available therefore an excellent and affordable choice to buy Brightever dimmable lights. It is very easy to assemble with dimmable features to adjust the color of the bulb.
Great for the nightstand it saves up to 90% of energy compared to traditional bulbs. The style is simple and looks great with any style if your home.

Using a lamp with a bendable neck will help you read more comfortably, as it allows you to slant your light exactly where you need it to reduce glare. It also provides a lighting magnification conventional table lamps will not have. Furthermore, when reading, have multiple lighting sources in the room as you may strain your eye.

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