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What To Put Under A Lamp To Make It Taller?

What To Put Under A Lamp To Make It Taller?

Have you ever miss calculate the height of something? This happened to me last week when choosing a table lamp for my dining room.

I was smitten by the design of the lamp and didn’t pay attention to the height. So, when it arrived home, it was way too short against my sofa.

As a result, it didn’t provide the much-needed task lighting I brought it for. After doing some research, I found that you can add a stack of books, a wooden block, a tripod, or a vase. In the end, I prop my table lamp with a wooden block because it is sturdy and reliable.

When choosing props to increase the height of your table and floor lamp, the goal is to make your table lamp taller without losing the elegance of its design or purpose. The first move is to inspect your table lamp and its surroundings.

When you are well aware of the available space around the lamp, you will quickly find an alternative and choose the one that better suits you.

If your table is small or crowded, then you will need a prop that doesn’t take up too much space. However, if you have a lot of space, then you can choose whichever prop that best suits your style.

What To Put Under Your Lamp To Make The Look Taller?

When I was doing my research to find a good prop for my lamp. I found other choices that can work for you.


Using books as a table lamp can be a very simple, inexpensive, functional, and even elegant way to make your lamp look taller.

However, use books you have already read or no longer need because you don’t want to always remove the prop from your lamp. When choosing books, hardcover books provide the stability you’ll need.

A Table lamp offers lighting when researching or reading, which is why there are books on the table. Using these books serve two purposes: decor or motivation to read.

Similarly, the decor aspect stems from the selection of books and their book covers. Therefore, use books that complement the colors of your fixture and the overall design of your room.

Wooden Prop

If you have a wooden table or a table lamp with a wooden frame, this is a perfect choice. Wood always adds a rustic look to any room they reside in.

You can use a wooden block to hold your table lamp. This is one of the best options because they are available in a variety of sizes and will add an exquisite touch to your fixture. Try painting them so they can better suit your room design.

Use A Coffee Table

A small coffee table can do wonders when trying to elevate the height of your lamp. It can complement every style and can fit in tiny spaces.

There are a few things to consider when using this option. First, ensure the table isn’t smaller than the lamp, as this can make it unstable. Also, ensure there is enough space around the table and it is not in a tight spot.

Lamp Raiser

A lamp raiser is another way you can make your lamp taller. This device is specially designed to increase the height without compromising your decor.

You can choose between metal or plastic, and it can easily attached to the base of your lamp. Most are adjustable and are available at any home goods stores or online.

When using a lamp raiser, it is essential to ensure that they are stable by following the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

For A Floor Lamp

One of the most significant benefits of using a wooden stool is that they have a long life and are sturdy. They are durable and are perfect for making your floor lamp taller.

Another way to help your floor lamp is to use crates, which can be wooden or plastic and is excellent as you can decorate so it can fit into your home decor.

If you have no way to return your lamp and they are short, you can also use these props to increase the height of your lamp. You may have to spend additional cash, but all my options are affordable and will last you a long time.


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