What’re The Best smart switches for Hubitat

Finding the best smart switches for the Hubitat is one of my easiest quests yet. I found the Lutron Caseta, Philps Hue, and Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch works perfectly with the Hubitat Elevation. However, “the best” is the Lutron Caseta smart switches, because their integration is fast and works with no hiccups.

For smart homes, Hubitat Elevation is a versatile device that is highly customisable offering a system that gives you complete control when keeping your privacy secure.

They are one of the leading giants in the smart home niche and is a popular option for people whose number one concern is privacy. If you have been reading my post, then you know I love devices that can cross platforms into Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple Home Kit.

The advantages are when you are not happy with one service you can quickly switch. One of the biggest pros for Hubitat, it is self-hosted and has local automation processing.

But, more importantly, no reliance on the Cloud to make things work. Further, it is affordable with no subscription fees and works with many services to make your home secure and smart.

However, this is not a Hubitat Elevation review: it is finding the best smart switches that work with this Hub.

Let’s get started.

The Best Smart Switch For Hubitat: Lutron Caseta

Lutron reviews

One of the best smart switches for the Hubitat Elevation is Lutron Caseta smart dimmer switch. With the support of the affordable Lutron Pico remote controls, you can add 3-way switches with ease. The Lutron is user-friendly and overall, provide the best performance.

However, I recommend that you use the package with the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro Hub as this version supports Hubitat’s LAN communication through Telnet.

Other featured of the Lutron includes Google Home, Alexa and Apple Home kit set-ups. This switch does not require a neutral wire for installation; this means it can work in most homes. Also, it has a Hub that provides speedy signals between switches without delays.

See price of the Lutron Caseta smart dimmer switch.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch 

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch

Another reliable brand, the Philips Hue smart dimmers can connect to your Hubitat Elevation. Again, you’ll need the Hue Hub, if you don’t have it already then you can purchase it here. This switch allows you to control your Hue lights away from home or in the convenience of your room.

The Philips Hue smart switch works with the Hue app for seamless connectivity with scheduling and timers just to name a few features. Because the Hue works with Zigbee, the hub/bridge is a gateway between the Hue Zigbee network and your LAN where Hubitat lives. Therefore, this is how the Hubitat communicates with your Hue network plus, the Hue bulbs could directly pair to Hubitat as Zigbee devices.

Check Out the Philips Hue.

The Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch For Habitat Hub

The Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch For Habitat Hub

The Z-Wave Plus is another smart switch that works with the Habitat Elevation. While I have not used this product myself, (“A proud Philips Hue chick”) many customers have given this product five stars review. For installation, you will need a neutral wire (the manufacturer strongly requested this on their site).

The GE Z-Wave Plus is the model above the Z-Wave Classic. Its processor is 2.5 times faster with 4 times more memory, improving its range by 50%. Similarly, it has all the features of Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta for a fraction of the cost.

See price for the Z-Wave Plus

Now, that you know all three smart switches connect to the Hubitat Elevation with ease. If I have to pick my favorite, the Lutron Caseta dimmer smart switch will be my top choice.

Connectivity is faster and the apps work great plus, you don’t have to use a neutral wire for installation. Some people may find the additional Hub costly but, that what’s makes connecting to third-party services so effortless and a hub is beneficial in the long run.

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