What’re The Best Smart Switches For Smart Things?

Smart Things have many features and are cheaper than most Hubs, they are beginners-friendly and you don’t have to connect them to your router.

The best switch for Smart Things is Lutron Caseta smart dimmer switch. While I am a big Philip Hue fan, when connecting to other devices and app functionality, Lutron Caseta is the better bet.

Samsung smart hub has been in the game for years, and it is a popular option amongst the older heads. Because of this, Smart Things technology has been changing and adapting to new devices. These include smart switches and bulbs. Most smart switches work with Smart Things so, this post will feature switches that is affordable and connects flawlessly with this Smart Hub.

Leviton Decora Smart Switch

The Leviton smart switch connects to your Wi-Fi to assist you with all your needs. It is easy to link to Amazon’s Alexa and Smart Things, and it runs consistently over Android and iOS.

Besides the app, the switch can control your light bulbs from the app and voice controls with remote control features. Since the switch operates with Wi-Fi functions, there is no need for an external hub minimizing your initial costs.

With the Leviton Decora, you will need a neutral wire however, it is a 3-way switch compatible.

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Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link

The Kasa is another favorite smart light switch that works with the Samsung Smart Things. It is an affordable switch, but works like any of their expensive counterparts.

With features like Alexa and Google voice commands, it is easy to set up with speedy response time. The Kasa app is slow, and many customers have reported bugs, and the three-way transfer compatibility is missing. However, set-up is super easy and runs smoothly with Smart Things.

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The WeMo Smart Switch

Wemo reviews

The WeMo smart switch is a popular option and like many of the switches above works with a variety of Smart Hubs like Apple Home Kit And Alexa.

The WeMo Smart Switch is an excellent way to incorporate smart lighting into your home. It works directly from your Wi-Fi router and is perfect for people who don’t want to spend money on an additional hub. They offer timers and scheduling, with a built-in vacation mode, to make it look like someone is home.

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GE Smart Switches

GE smart switch

The GE switch overall appearance is very nice. The switch has a LED indicator light on the bottoms that help you navigate the switch at night. Connecting to Smart Things is user friendly, and many customers have praised GE for its reliable signal to third-party devices.

It has group associations so you can control multiple switches at once. They also have a double-tap feature that helps you control completely different action/routine/scene.

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Lutron Caseta Smart Switch

Lutron reviews

As stated above, the best smart switch to use with Smart Things is the Lutron Caseta. It has all the features you’ll need your switch to have, but the overall user and app experience is impressive. You can tell the Lutron Caseta manufacturers, put a lot of work in their app and functionality as pairing with smart Things takes about a few seconds with no lag.

The Lutron needs a Hub, but it’s a onetime payment: unless you have a mansion you may need over one Hub. You can connect over 50 switches and have a sunlight tracker that automatically turn on lights at night.

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These are a few smart switches that work with Samsung Smart Things. This Hub is very popular, so if you already have smart switches at home, I am certain it can connect it to Smart Things.

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