What’s The Best Color Temperature For Makeup?

Having the perfect lighting when applying makeup is essential. Many professionals have agreed it is the most important part of their job.

 Color temperature provides the basis for cosmetic applications. So, the best color temperature for make-up is between 3600K-5300K. For many people starting in the beauty scene, it’s a must-needed topic to discuss.

Understanding Color Temperature For Make-up

When searching for lighting systems for your make-up area, you must first look at the information on the package. It is vital to know the color temperature of that product?

For example, the GLAMCOR Elite lighting kit gives you an adjustable light of 5300K. The “K” stands for Kelvin, and this measures the color the light bulbs appear.

The higher the Kelvin value of the lighting system, the closest it is to natural sunlight. Similarly, the lower the Kelvin rating is, the warmer the light and, of course, not as bright. Hence, if you are investing in a lighting system, it is best to have a kit that gives you a wide range of color temperatures.

When Does The Knowledge Of Color Temperature Comes In Handy?

color temperture

Always. As I mentioned above, lighting and the knowledge of color temperatures come in handy. For instance, if you are applying make-up on your client at night and there is no natural lighting available: you will have to rely on your lighting system.

It is important to have a light that mimics the color temperature of natural lighting so you can have a better understanding of how the make-up will look in pictures. Even in selfies at home, you would notice that you position your camera out the window where there is natural sunlight because the photo will look better.

Choosing The Best Bulbs For The Make-Up Application Is Essential

  • Sunco Lighting bulbs–The Sunco Lighting bulbs are an excellent choice for your vanity mirror as it creates less shadow when applying make-up. The package comprises twelve light bulbs that use 85% less energy than traditional light bulbs. These bulbs have a warm white hue that simulates indoor-outdoor lighting. Further, Sunco has many five-star ratings with thousands of pleased customers.
  • GE LED light bulbs are a favorite amongst beginners and professionals alike. They are an expensive option, but they are long-lasting and provide the perfect lights for applying cosmetics. 
  • Waneway Vanity Lights for MirrorFor a super cheap price, you can buy the Waneway that operates similar to any expensive option. You can fasten the back of each bulb with a sturdy adhesive.

Or Purchase The Best Make-up Kit

Ring ligths
  • Neewer Ring Light Kit–If you want to spend money on a professional ring light, then the IVISII Ring Light is an excellent option. It features a remote control unit, a sturdy, flexible 19-inch trombone stand, a tray for phones, color filters, and a pocket to store it. The ring light has everything you’ll need for professional lighting.
  • TaoTronics Ring Light-With this 12-inch glam light, it will give you that warm white light for all your make-up applications. It is an affordable option with dimming features that are easy to transport.
  • Inkeltech Ring LightAnother professional lighting for applying make-up, the Inkltach has phone holders and adjustable brightness. It provides all the features to help you take out beautiful pictures.

While you may think color temperature when applying cosmetics is not important, it is. Bulbs that cast a yellow hue can increase the chances of uneven make-up, which look horrible in pictures. So opt for lighting that casts warm white lights or adjustable color brightness.

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