Philips Hue Strip lights

Where To Put Philips Hue Light Strip?

Where To Put Philips Hue Light Strip?

Philip Hue Light Strips are an easy way to add cool lighting effects to your smart home. With their Bluetooth package, you no longer need a Hue Bridge. These strips come with white and colored ambiance options that will make any room feel like the best place in the world.

The Hue Play Sync Gradient light strip is the newest addition to the product line and will add a pop of color to any decor. The strip is 20mm wide and attaches with clips instead of adhesive tabs.

Philips Hue light strips are one of the most expensive of all the brands. Their prices range from $80-$400 but, they are worth every penny as you have access to premium features.

Here are the many ways you can use your Philips Hue light strips, but, first let’s explore the simple steps for setting them up.

How To Set Up Philips Hue Light Strips?

The above video can help with your Philips Hue led strip setup.

1. Under cabinets And Shelves

An excellent place to add your Philips Hue Strip lights is under cabinets. This gives extra lighting for food prep or other kitchen countertop space that are too dark for most people. You may have to cut your lights to fit under the cabinets. Therefore, I have attached a link to help you with this.

Lighting the bottom of your shelves will highlight all of those little things that make them unique and sentimental. From a set-up to an art collection, there are so many ways lighting can enhance what’s on display in your home and workspace alike.

Laundry rooms are in dark closets or basements, making it the perfect place for shelf-mounted LEDs. They provide better sorting of clothing when you light the underside of your shelves, especially with washer/dryer combinations.

Check out the pic source.

2. Under Your Kid’s Beds

Lights under the bed can provide mood lighting at night or even serve as the primary light source in your child’s room. Similarly, they are also great for adding warmth and coziness when placed in other rooms, such as the master bedrooms, to make them more inviting.

LED lights are a popular way to create the perfect ambiance for your home. Utilizing color-changing LED light strips gives you plenty of options on what colors to choose. Plus, they also give you some creative freedom to change them depending on your mood.

3. Entertainment Systems

Bias lighting on the back of your computer or television screen can help relieve eye strain and make images clearer. The best part of having Philips Hue light strips is they are easy to sync with whatever you are watching.

With Philips Hue Sync Box, all your hue lights can work with each other for an excellent experience. Gamers prefer an RBG set-up, but you can use whichever color is comfortable.

However, the Philips Hue complete set-up combine with the sync box is very expensive. Therefore, it is best to skip this product if you are on a budget.

4. In the Ceiling

Another way to bring light into your bedroom is by installing LED strip lights in the ceiling. This installation will give you consistent, indirect lighting without taking up any space.

Moreover, Adding Philips Hue Strip lights to a room ceiling is all the rave amongst teenage and Tick Tok stars.

4. Illuminating Vanity And Bathroom

Add strip lighting under a wall-hung vanity to create mood lighting that adds depth to the room. You can even opt for motion-controlled lights that make it easy to find your way in the dark.

Don’t want to add bulbs? Then try using Philips Hue strip lights to create Hollywood-style light mirrors. They are so easy to install, remove the back covering the adhesive and stick them along the mirror.

It’s easy to create a wellness oasis in your bathroom with strip lighting. Philips Hue can illuminate bedroom cabinets and even the bathtub. For your bathtub, apply waterproof tape directly under the panel to prevent water damage.

Once you have experienced this new bathing experience, you will not want to leave.

5. On Stairs

Staircases with LED lights provide a unique atmosphere and are useful for safety. The economic benefits of using LED technology are the best part – as you can save 50-60% of your energy costs by installing them around stairs.

Also, the most common and perhaps most efficient way is to place LED strips between the steps. You will need to measure where your electrical outlet is located. Plus, how wide/long each step is before determining the length of the light strips.

RGB LED strips are a perfect way to take advantage of all the colors that Philips Hue offers. They are perfect for any occasion, and with voice commands or the app, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your remote.

6. LED Light Strips for Car Lighting

Car led lighting

You can give your car a more attractive appearance by installing the LED light strips. These colorful lights are easy to install and powered from inside the engine, so it is safe for use in vehicles. Philips Hue strip lights make cars stand out at night as they create an exaggerated sense of style.

When it comes to car lighting there are a million ways you can go. You can highlight the interior of your car or do aesthetic underlighting.

7. Display Case Lighting

Display cases are one of the most important features in any commercial space. You can find many display cases in glass, but there are a few in wood or metal combinations.

Regardless, a LED light strip provides excellent illumination for these items, so there is always something to see when passing by your case.

LED light strips are great for lighting display cases because they don’t give off much heat. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights keep items in your case from overheating and becoming damaged over time because of high temperatures.

To Recap,

There are hundreds of ways to install your Philips Hue light strips, but the best place is on your ceiling. Watch the video above to help you understand how to unpack and install your Hue light strips.


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