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18 Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas For A Beautiful Landscape

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics or safety of your garden, or just want to show off the beauty of your outdoor trees, lighting is a crucial element. In this post, we’ll explore a variety of tree lighting ideas to create the ideal nighttime ambiance for your landscape.

Our list of 18 outdoor tree lighting ideas includes everything from string lights that create a warm glow on trees to solar-powered motion sensor lights that accentuate the safety of pathways in your garden.

1. Emphasize Trunks with String Lights

Twinkling string lights wrapped around trunks create a magical, intimate atmosphere. Opt for multicolor LEDs to customize the look for any occasion.

This technique also subtly guides guests along garden paths.

2. Project Bold Colors with Ground Lights

Position multicolor LED in-ground lights facing upward at tree bases for a vibrant splash of color.

Experiment with different hues to match your event or mood. The contrasting light and shadow enhance both visual appeal and visibility around the tree.

3. Uplight for Dramatic Effect

Strategically placed LED spotlights at the base of trees offer stunning uplighting, showcasing the textures and shapes of both branches and trunks. Trees become nighttime sculptures, and low-hanging branches or uneven terrain become visible for safer navigation.

4. Festive Ambiance with Festoon Lights

Drape festoon lights over branches for a soft, welcoming glow at gatherings. This versatile technique boosts beauty and improves overall visibility, transforming trees into striking focal points.

5. Romance with Hanging Wine Bottle Lights

Fill empty wine bottles with battery-operated string lights and hang them from sturdy branches for a touch of intimate charm. The tinted glass refracts the light beautifully, and the hanging bottles create subtle ambient light throughout darker garden corners.

6. Rustic Touch with Moroccan Lanterns

Bring warmth and a touch of the exotic by hanging intricate Moroccan lanterns from branches. The intricate patterns they project add visual interest while also acting as gentle pathlights

7. Enchanting Waterfall of Curtain Lights

Mimic a gentle waterfall by suspending curtain lights from outer branches. This romantic effect is perfect for special occasions and creates a dreamy backdrop.

8. Project Patterns for Visual Drama

Use projection lighting to transform trees into works of art. Cast abstract patterns or colors to match your event or create a unique focal point.

9. Silhouettes with Backlighting

Create stunning tree silhouettes by positioning lights behind the tree. The contrast highlights intricate branch structures for an eye-catching display.

10. Modern Flair with Raindrop Lights

Sleek raindrop lights suspended from branches add a contemporary touch. Their soft glow creates a peaceful ambiance and provides subtle illumination for seating spaces or walkways.

11. Highlight from Multiple Angles

Use pivoting spotlights to illuminate trees from every direction. This maximizes visual interest and allows you to showcase different aspects of the tree’s form, adding depth to your overall landscape.

12. Mimic a Moonlit Night

Install cool white lights high in your tree, angling them downward for a natural moonlight effect. The gentle glow is soothing and casts soft shadows, highlighting the ground below without harsh lighting.

13. Vintage Charm with Candlelit Lanterns

Hang traditional lanterns with candles from branches for intimate, old-fashioned charm. Ideal for cozy gatherings.

14. Canopy of Vibrance with Net Lights

Drape net lights over tree crowns for a blanket of warm color – perfect for parties or just adding a touch of whimsy to your yard.

15. Festive Light Show with Laser Beams

Project festive patterns or dazzling dots of light directly onto tree trunks or foliage with laser lights. This dynamic option creates a captivating, ever-changing display.

16. Gentle Fading Effect with Smart LEDs

Smart LED lights wrapped around branches can create a mesmerizing fading effect, changing intensity and color at your command. They subtly illuminate paths and obstacles and transform your yard’s ambiance with ease.

17. Touch of Asia with Chinese Lanterns

Bring an Eastern flair to your garden with colorful Chinese lanterns hung from branches. Their diffused light provides a warm, inviting glow.

18. Illuminate Surroundings with Floral Stake Lights

Accent the tree’s base with solar floral stake lights, adding colorful whimsy and a touch of magic.


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