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6 Essentials Every Comfy Tiny Home Needs

Tiny living isn’t about accumulating things, but rather having the right essentials for comfortable and efficient living in your tiny home.

The right things for a tiny living are those that will help you make the most of your space, while still providing comfort and convenience. Here are some of the most important items to have in your tiny home:

Comfortable Seating

Let’s start with the sofa – a crucial element in any tiny house. Comfortable seating is a must, as it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time relaxing.

Our experience taught us the significance of investing in quality seating. We initially repurposed old cushions, but they didn’t hold up well. Upgrading to high-density foam cushions made a world of difference in comfort and longevity.

Shoe Storage

Figuring out where to store shoes in a tiny house can be a challenge. We found a clever solution with a shoe tower tucked away behind our front door, offering space for our extensive shoe collection.

Others have come up with creative ways like hidden drawers, cubbies, and even storing shoes in staircases.

Entryway Organization

Having a designated spot for keys, sunglasses, coats, and mail is crucial for maintaining organization.

In our tiny home, we created a DIY coat rack with live edge wood and decorative hooks, providing a compact solution for entryway storage.

Gear and Outdoor Storage

While living in a tiny home requires sacrifice, it doesn’t mean sacrificing essentials like outdoor gear and storage.

Integrating compact solutions like storage benches and bike boxes ensures that outdoor equipment remains well-organized.

Functional Additions

In addition to the essential furniture and storage, some functional additions can enhance the overall living experience.

These include a dehumidifier to combat moisture, a headlamp for various tasks, effective levelers, and hanging lights for a cozy ambiance.


Ultimately, the specifics of your tiny house will cater to your needs and lifestyle. However, the 6 essential elements shared here should contribute to creating a comfortable, inviting, and functional tiny home for anyone.


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