Hi lovelies, My name is Anais.

I am 29 years old and love smart strips, LEDs, and many other lighting fixtures.

My family was not rich, so we couldn’t afford the chandeliers and expensive tables or floor lamps. So, the first time I saw a beautiful chandelier, I was seven at a friend’s home.

I remember gazing at the crystals that glitter, the curve of each droplet. At that time, my views of fixtures changed, I no longer consider them as just a lamp but as design statements.

Now, that I get to write about my love for pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers, etc is a dream come through. While I can not provide you with all the pictures that I usually take from stores when shopping, (Covid) I will still try to link you to my favorite fixtures.

Plus, provide you with the resources you need to set-up you up all your lighting needs.

But Why Read My Blog?

I have spent 2 years learning about lighting and how it benefits your home. I have read every ebook in the market which has thought me a lot.

If you know how to light your home, you can highlight areas and evoke emotions. Further, without proper lighting, you can cast shadows in places where you need light the most.

My blog also focuses on smart fixtures which are changing the way you light your home.

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