Philips Hue Sync Box Alternatives

I have already done the Philips Hue Play and Go lights, so I can’t stop now. The Philips Hue Sync Box takes what you watching on your television and has all your Hue lights in sync with that media. However, it is a pricey set-up; the box is over $200. If you don’t have the Hub, then you’ll need that too.

Plus, you’ll need the Hue play bars or the LED strips kicking the price to over $400. The good news is people who have invested in the Philips Hue ecosystem will have to buy the sync box only, which is cheaper.

Like many of the Philips Hue products, it is a superior device with the best color accuracy and seamless switch inputs. The sync box is perfect for smart lighting enthusiasts. While I love the Hue products, I will not spend so much money on this small box no matter its features.

I rather spend any extra cash on a PS5 I’ve been trying to get my hands on for the past months. With that said, I am a proud owner of the Philips hue Light Strip Plus which works just fine for me.

If you are still looking for a device to mimic the content on your television with flashes of colors, then you can buy the sync box. But for the people who want a similar experience and don’t want to spend so much money, then here are some Philips Hue Sync box alternatives. The below options will offer you a similar experience to the sync box.

Philips Hus Sync Bulbs Alternatives Includes:

  • Govee Backlight Kit.
  • Sengled Smart WiFi TV LED Backlight.
  • Light Pack TV Backlights.

 Govee Offers An Affordable TV Backlight Kit

While it is not a box that controls the Hue lights, the Govee TV backlight kit will dance to images on your screen. They support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So it uses voice commands to control your TV’s backlight.

The Govee Wi-Fi TV package contains a camera fixed to either the top or bottom of a monitor. This camera uses the on-screen image to change the color of the LEDs.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this. There is a small color-shifting delay since Govee uses an external camera rather than an HDMI link for video signal processing. Furthermore, proper camera implementation is critical to functionality.

The Govee Ambilight option occasionally cannot accommodate several colors on-screen, and since image processing involves a camera, your TV would have a visible webcam. Most people can find this to be an eyesore. Still, at less than $100, it’s a steal.

The Govee lighting package is a fantastic addition to your home theater that is simple to mount, affordable, and features vibrant, colorful LEDs.

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Sengled Smart WiFi TV LED Backlight

Sengled manufactures some of the finest smart bulbs available, and its smart Wi-Fi LED TV light strip is an outstanding Ambilight option. However, this LED light bar doesn’t function according to the color of the video on the screen, but with the audio.

A built-in microphone offers real-time audio synchronization. Various modes, such as Movie Mode, Game Mode, and Music Mode, allow you to choose from several pre-sets.

With 16 million color shades, you can add schedules and routines from their free app. Unfortunately, the Sengled backlight cannot be configured to adjust depending on the video, just audio. Although this may be a disadvantage for certain customers, to others, it makes installation super easy and beginners friendly.

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Light Pack TV Backlights

Lightpack is an excellent alternative to the Philips Hue Sync box. It has HDMI compatibility and has a lovely backlight. It is available in two versions: an HDMI mini package and a UHD mini-set. With its four HDMI inputs, the Lightpack UHD Mini Set supports 4K television sets.

Aside from ultra HD 60Hz support, the Lightpack HD has the same feature set as the Lightpack UHD. The Lightpack HD is limited to 1080p. Both systems come with remote controls and up to 30 light zones. Since the price gap isn’t that big, between the Hue Sync box and the Lightpack, if you don’t have the cash, there is always the Govee.

If you are looking for the closes thing to Philips Hue Sync Box, then the Lightpack is your best bet. But, if that option is too pricey, then consider the Govee as it is the best Philips Hue Sync Box alternative.

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