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Are Double Ended Led Tube Safe?

Are Double Ended Led Tube Safe?

LED lamps are the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting option on the market. For one, they use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, saving you money on electricity costs and reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, they do not contain toxic chemicals like mercury.

LEDs also last a very long time – up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and more than twice as long as compact fluorescent bulbs. They are much more durable and resistant to shock and impact than other bulbs. Also, because LEDs do not get as hot as traditional incandescent bulbs, they are safer for use in homes.

With all electrical installations, you run the risk of electrocution if you do not follow proper protocol. In this post, we will explore whether a double-ended LED tube is safe to use and install.

Can You Get Shock Installing Double-Ended Tubes?

In many homes in the US, the LED T8 is a common tube used. Because they are so easy to install, homeowners are unaware of possible electrocution. This incident can happen during retrofitting or maintenance.

If you install single-ended LED tubes, this is not a problem: since the installation requires rewiring the power to one of the two lamp sockets, there is no risk of electrocution at all.

However, if you are installing LED tubes with two ends, you need to be a little more careful. Since power is supplied to both lamp sockets, a safety switch is required on the end cap of the tube to effectively eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Possible Shock During Maintenance

If you have a single-ended LED tube fixture and insert a regular fluorescent tube, the metal pins at both ends of the fluorescent tube will touch the metal pins in the fixture.

This means that current can flow directly through the fluorescent tube without having to flow through the ballast, which would quickly burn out the fluorescent tube. The voltage of 110 V can cause less damage than 277 V, which can cause an explosion.

If you have a double-ended LED tube fixture and use a normal fluorescent tube, there is no safety risk, because the mains voltage alone is not enough to supply power to the fluorescent tube without a ballast.

Which led tube is better single-ended or double-ended?

If you have a fluorescent fixture and want to convert it to LED, the first step is finding the right LED lamp to retrofit into your lighting system. A single-ended tube is the easiest to install when using a fluorescent fixture with rapid start ballasts.

Single LED tubes:

  • Do not need a ballast.
  • Work on non-shunted sockets.
  • Need a ballast bypass.

Compared to double-sided tubes, the live and neutral pins are on the opposite side of the fixture. So there are no voltage differences between the two pins.

Double Ended tubes:

  • Work with fluorescent linear lamps.
  • Use shunted lamp holders.

What Are The Best LED Tubes?

Lepro 25 Pack 17W T8 4ft LED Tube Light: Lepro’s T8 LED tube light is the latest breakthrough in tube technology and can directly replace fluorescent tubes. Its superior brightness, lower power consumption, and long-term cost savings are all significant benefits that are sure to impress.

It is UL certified with a 5-year warranty and DLC certified. When you choose Lepro, you have chosen the right brand for your home or business.

Philips UniversalFit LED Tube Lights: Philips, one of the leading brands in lighting, offers the 16W T8 Universal Fit LED Light Bulb. This light bulb is equivalent to a 32W traditional fluorescent lamp with 106 lm/w and a 36,000-hour lifespan–25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Toggled LED Tubes: 16W toggled LED tube is a dimmable LED tube that replaces 28W-40W fluorescent tubes. It features two 3049 SMD LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The tube also offers a color temperature of 6500K and an equivalent brightness of 125 lm/w.

The Sunco Lighting: Whether used as lighting or as a replacement for traditional fluorescent bulbs, the Sunco Lighting 4FT T8 Tube LED bulb can play several roles in your life. You can easily convert your existing fluorescent bulbs for less than $4. It is durable and lasts 50,000 hours with a lifespan of almost ten years, and you only need to replace it once a decade as it uses 55% less electricity than fluorescent bulbs.

To Recap,

In short, yes, a double-ended LED tube is safe to use and install. As with any electric light fixture, use appropriate caution when inserting and removing the bulb. Never attempt to install the light yourself or without the guidance of a professional.


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